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by Sherry Swiney
December 21, 2022


It would be a wonderful system, were it not used to control us.  If censorship did not exist for those with a different idea or for asking questions that do not fit the approved narrative of the day.  If no exclusion from society for non-compliance with tyranny existed.

If the food was nutritious, the air was fresh, the water was pure, and the love of greed and power was a thing of the past, it would be a tremendously convenient thing to have. 

If inventors of “free energy” (not meterable) were not killed off and their work confiscated.

If children were nurtured with love, taught how to think (not what to think), and shown by example, the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.

Mind you, I would never want to have the technology implanted in my body, but as a hand instrument such as in Star Trek, where you can access all your private information easily, it would be handy under the above conditions.

Sadly, that is not happening in these times.  The thing to do is walk away and become part of making the above conditions possible.  No violence necessary on your part.  You can start right where you are.

What’s the harm in digital ID’s?  People say, “Well, it’s okay with me to scan my face. I have nothing to hide.”  As Catherine Austin Fitts says, it’s not about what you have to hide; it’s about what you have that they can take from you

A serious prison for the mind, body and spirit is heading our way.  If you see a train coming down the tracks (a QR-society) and you don’t step aside to watch it go by, you will get smashed.  Walk away.  Become part of the solution.

This is how I feel after watching the documentary, “State of Control”

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About Sherry Swiney

Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower”, now available in German.  French, Russian and Spanish translations are in the works.

THAT’S A LIE PROGRAM – Part 3: The beginning of the journey I walked


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December 15, 2022
by Sherry Swiney

While reviewing an old article Jerry Marzinsky and I wrote, called “List of Lies”, I was reminded about the time when I believed these lies were true.  No joke.  As I look back at that version of myself, I see more clearly how this process works.

First, here are the messages I lived with for many years.

  • No one will ever love you because you are a piece of garbage, a waste of flesh.
  • You are poor and will remain poor because that is what you deserve.
  • Neither your family nor anyone else cares about you because you are rotten and don’t deserve love.
  • You have (whatever disease) because you deserve it and you can’t do anything about it.
  • You have no talent.  Who would ever hire you for a job?  You’re a failure.
  • You are worthless; you’ll never succeed at anything so give up trying.
  • You are the worse thing you’ve ever done and there’s no way to forgive yourself.

The List of Lies article also includes the messages Jerry’s schizophrenic patients lived with.

As most of my readers know, all these negative-producing ideas are not from us.  They are injected intrusions by invisible beings that are conscious and malicious.  Likewise, there are invisible beings that are conscious and not malicious.  Plus, there are your own thoughts.

Yes, You.

The real you has thoughts that muck their way through all the lies, hoping to one day see daylight again.

I remember the day when a tiny speck of real me saw daylight.  Until that day, there was no “me” at all.  I was both shocked and grateful when I finally recognized it as a light inside that wanted to shine but I had no friggin’ clue otherwise.

It was at that point that the intrusive thoughts seemed to retaliate.  At the time, I wondered if maybe there was some ancient clan from another time that wanted revenge for something I did to them long ago.  It seemed to me that holding a grudge for a few thousand years might be too big a stretch.  So, I began researching to see what was wrong with me.  Did I have a brain tumor, or was I going crazy, or was something else happening?  I dedicated lots of time reading about the brain and self-help books.  This was after I’d already studied ancient scriptures, archaeology, and quantum physics.  Obviously I wasn’t crazy and didn’t have a brain tumor.  Something else was happening.

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the truth.”
– Sherlock Holmes

Looking back all those decades ago, I see that the first step of awakening was a genuine threat to these invisible entities. We cannot see them because of the design of our eyes. This design limits our vision to a very narrow band in the light frequency spectrum. Out of all the available frequencies, we only see the circled band of light on the top row. The second row blows up the circled band to illustrate our visual spectrum. So being invisible does not mean these beings do not exist. They exist in different frequencies.

This was not an easy journey to be sure.  I was stubborn about finding out what was happening to me.  At the same time, I was dedicated to working on how to eliminate this besiege.  During this process, I might found myself reacting in some brainwashed or conditioned way – like the automatic reflex when the doctor thumps on your knee with his rubber mallet.  I did not want to be that person.  I never wanted to be that person.  So, the gloves were off.  That’s what recognizing the little bit of light in me did.  It gave me strength to continue, and a resolve that felt like a mission.  A determination to free myself from these entities or die trying.

The moment I saw myself in unconscious reactive mode, I would literally stop what I was doing, take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Then I would ask the friend(s) around me at the time for a do-over please.  They got what I was doing and gave me some latitude.  It was a struggle to remember to be aware of my thoughts.  The more I did though, the easier it became.  Finally, after many more years of lessons about what was me and not me – plus how to eliminate the not-me part whenever it showed up – the That’s A Lie Program was developed and presented to the public, free of charge.

I used this program, and there came a time when the intrusions were gone.  I am more than grateful to the people in my life who have been where they were supposed to be, so that I would be exposed to more things to learn about the light and dark aspects of life.

The primary thing I have learned is that, while it may be painful at times, finding and then being your self is an important thing for which to strive. 

Being other-directed is no longer in Vogue.

The only reason it is usually a painful journey is because we are surrounded by these invisible beings trying their best to get us to believe their lies. 

You see them manifest in the local and international news; on your television set; when you pay your taxes…

The lies continue to make you believe that being other-directed is still in fashion, that the illusion is still reality, that there’s nothing you can do. 

There is something you can do in the comfort of your own home.  You can take off your mask.  You see, taking off your mask (not the literal emergency medical mask – “your” mask), signals Universe that your light wants to shine.  This can be a scary moment but if you know you are being lied to, then why spend any time believing the lies?

Stargate SG-1 “Revisions”, season 7, episode 5 is a good metaphor for what happens when you grow up believing lies and conversely what happens when the lies are exposed to you.  Please watch to the end to see the point of posting this link here for you.  Let me know what you get from this episode.

The last thing these beings want is for people on Earth to wake up to who they are without the masks.

Without the mask, YOU are an immortal being, entangled with a brilliantly designed physical brain and body that don’t last forever.  They are of the earth and shall return to the earth.  When the body dies, you move on.  You do not die.  You are not of the earth.  You are temporarily in the earth, pretending to be a human being, and along the way you completely forgot about that.  How is that possible?  Whispers in your ear; events before your eyes; money is real; death is fearful.

If you know you don’t die, then where is the fear of death coming from?  Not you, right?  So, why fear the news and dire health warnings from liars.  They have shown over and over that they do not care about you.  They care about keeping you uneasy and in fear. 

Take precautions.  These liars can be dangerous when they are about to be exposed as grandiose deceivers, manipulators, tricksters, con-artists, thieves, and wimps following orders.  These beings have the people who believe their lies backing them. 

Still, the bottom line is this:

There is a light inside you that I believe is the core of YOU which is connected to the rest of you that’s entangled throughout your body.  It’s not physical, but energy.  It’s in the Dan Tien area.  The Dan Tien is your center of gravity.  I don’t know if you can have generally clear thoughts without a working Dan Tien. 

You were made with love, not hate or fear.  You ARE love.  These beings want to suffocate that knowledge.  When you remember that you are love, you can send love to these beings.  They seem to fear it.  They don’t like it at all, so they leave quickly to let you get back to your journey without a mask.


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About Sherry Swiney

Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower”, now available in German.  French, Russian and Spanish translations are in the works.



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by Sherry Swiney
October 24, 2022
Simulacrum – pronounced sim-u-lac-rum
an image or representation of someone or something.
“a small-scale simulacrum of a skyscraper”
an unsatisfactory imitation or substitute.
“a bland simulacrum of American soul music”
Who of you look at our world as a simulacrum?  I do.  Everywhere I look, I see governments, corporations, banks, and politicians painting the picture they want us to see.  And when you look at that picture, what do you see?

Do you see transparency and trustworthiness?  Or do you see theatrics as I do?  It’s like they are following a particular script.  And it’s a very clever one at that.  It’s one that’s been playing out over and over for thousands of years.
I need not list the multitude of offenses against us.  If you are watching any bits and pieces of the news, you see that something isn’t right – regardless of what you want to see.  You can see that things are out of balance in the world today in a major way.

All of us – each individual that lives on Earth has played a part in getting to this point of disarray among the people.  You have one side that wants to get rid of or control us and the other side that wants to be left alone, i.e., free.

There are those of us – and we are in the millions – who don’t want to be controlled.  Thank you for your offer, but we will do the right thing on our own.

In spite of all you throw at the world, we are too busy being neighborly to others rather than hateful.  We are too busy mending the damage we have done to ourselves.  With so much support from you, it was easy to damage ourselves without even knowing that’s what we were doing.

Just look at what you have provided to us over the last two brief years.  And look at all the damage we did to ourselves because we blindly believed in you.  We believed there was a deadly new boogieman that was invisible.  We paid heed that we shouldn’t go anywhere because we might kill our grandmothers.  We followed your rules in lockstep because we believed your words were truth and for the benefit of everyone.

But we learned that all of that was a lie.

So now, every time you open your mouth, more of us see through your lies and usually that wakes us up.

You can throw all the boogiemen at us and we will know it to be fake.  Theatrics.  Created scenarios.  A simulacrum.  Ukraine is innocent.  Let’s all gang up on Russia and cause World War Three!  UFO’s….bad.  We need to arrest amateur UFO watchers so they can’t see the fakery.

You are powerless to stop what is happening to people on this planet.  We know you know the spiritual world.  So do we.  Your greatest fear is being exposed.  That is happening as I write this.

Simulacrum – definition review
an image or representation of someone or something.
“a small-scale simulacrum of a skyscraper”

[If you lived in that small-scale skyscraper and did not know it was only a representation of a real skyscraper, you would think where you are living is real.  But it’s not.  How could you know?]

Within the worldwide simulacrum, scenarios are created.  In other words the stage is set.  It’s kind of, sort of like The Truman Show or Westworld.

I just heard that Betelgeuse Nova might be happening sooner than astronomers thought.  It might even happen around the same time another bright star two thousand years ago was in the sky.

Wow!  What a coincidence.

Or is it predictable because it’s in the simulacrum program?  You know, from the real skyscraper.

For what purpose other than to keep us trapped in a continuum infiltrated by the dark side that has violated the Sponsor’s simulacrum design for us. Perhaps like a think tank where thought experiments would not destroy the real world.  Who knows?

After the invasion, we could no longer leave the simulacrum.  We continued being reincarnated after a memory wipe.  Many call this a soul trap.  In the current scenario, people are given a choice: to become a biomechanical entity or to remain a natural human being and work toward leaving this simulacrum and never return.  If it is true that the simulacrum will collapse in 2040, that would free us from the soul trap.  I like that idea.

If we are immortal souls living in these avatars, and if the simulacrum is designed to respond to our thoughts, emotions and actions, then it is possible to change the course humanity is travelling today, or die trying.

These are the things I am pondering these days.  Perhaps you might think I’ve stepped off the cliff.  I must admit it was bizarre to consider such things – at first.  I don’t claim that I am right but I think there is a possibility that I might be right at least until a better explanation comes along.

Perhaps this will explain a few things. 

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About Sherry Swiney

Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower”, now available in German.  French, Russian and Spanish translations are in the works.

PLANETARY WAR – The Battle Between Those Who Want Peace and Those Who Want War


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If you take your time reading this and clicking on all the links within, this article may take you a while to get through.  Grab a cuppa.  I hope you enjoy going through it.

September 11, 2022
by Sherry Swiney

I stumbled upon the article below while searching for a photo of the “War and Peace” book cover. 

The stop-off along the way is meaningful to me, but not for the reasons cited in the article below.  We indeed treat our Veterans like sewer waste which needs to change.  

If our government is hell-bent on tricking young men and women into going to war for nothing more than a chessboard play, then the least it can do is repair the damage.  After all, they have no problem rebuilding the country they destroyed.  Why would they have a problem rebuilding the minds and bodies they destroyed?

Here’s the first paragraph of the article:
Movie Review: Breaking (2022)
By Norbert Haupt
September 2, 2022

The soldiers are brainwashed into believing they are fighting for a noble cause.  So, no.  I don’t want to thank a soldier for their services.  As a grand mother, I want to grab them by their shoulders and shake them to wake them up, in hope of preventing the war he’s about to embark.  Manipulation of war is part of the agenda for global control.  They need to know that.

You don’t get peace by destroying your opponent.  Never!

The subject of this article is planetary war – the battle between those who want peace and those who want war.  I believe the ratio is 10:1, and growing.

The reason the fewer seem to be winning is because they know something you don’t know.  They know how Universal Energy works and they do not intend to share it with us.  On the surface, their wars are about control and money.  They want to control everything on this planet.  Everything!  Under the surface, they want our souls.

But we are learning about Universal Energy.  One step at a time.  One person at a time.  Those who want war, use this energy to fool us into believing they are trying to help us.  If we don’t agree, they threaten to punish us.  One person at a time; then one state at a time; then one country at a time.

If a state does not agree, they start riots.  If a country doesn’t agree, they start a war.

They’ve worked long and hard – through trickery – to eventually get entire populations brainwashed into following orders.  If we do not follow orders we are punished.  We learn this throughout our lives.  It’s conditioned into us.  We must obey, or else…

Here’s another page I found while searching for the book cover:

What Sparked Japan’s Aggression During World War II?
JULY 07, 2014 12:06 PM

Answer by Harold Kingsberg: The short version: Japan’s actions from 1852 to 1945 were motivated by a deep desire to avoid the fate of 19th-century China and to become a great power.

That mindset is in every person participating in “controllership”.  Depends upon how much money you have and how many puppets with guns you have watching your back.  Western Imperialism was the encroacher-de-jour.  I think they still are. 

What the Media Won’t Tell You About KING CHARLES III

In the meantime, we watch the chessboard plays right before our eyes and still some do not see it.

Today’s play is “How to destroy European countries – starting with Germany” 

The first attempt in 1944 was unsuccessful.  From what I see, the second attempt of the Morgenthau Plan is at play.  What am I talking about?

Yeah, there’s a thing called Morgenthau Plan that says:

How the Germans reacted to Morgenthau Plan 1.0 was then. 

This is now.  Morgenthau Plan 2.0 just this week.  Unlike Herbert Hoover, Joe Biden has decided it is okay to freeze and starve up to 25 million Germans this winter.  There are scriptures that say pray that turmoil does not come in winter [paraphrased].

If you think collapsing Germany won’t affect the entire planet, think again.  The goal is global control.


False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda – Part 3: The War of Terror
Corbett • 09/12/2022

We could go on to other chessboard moves – the War on Drugs.  Now more people are on drugs than ever before.  It was not a war on drugs.  It was a war of drugs and prisons.  Jumping ahead – people who died from a car crash during the Covid era, died of Covid.  The injections-demand is not a war on disease.  It is a war of disease.

Everything is connected to everything else.  It’s like a tapestry.  You pull one thread and eventually it all unravels.  The truth reveals itself.

Season 6, Episode 15 – Star Trek Generations – “Tapestry” demonstrates this nicely.  As a metaphor, whereby Captain Jean-Luc Picard experiences his tapestry of life unravel – once again – where everything is connected to everything, including our perception of the world.

What is your perception of the world?

Revealed is the fact that the darkness on this planet is a fraud.  It is all made up: Problem Reaction Solution.  The totalitarianism tiptoe.

It is certainly not serving the common people of this planet. 

Our individual lives are unraveling in numerous ways – hopefully all for the better.  Our world is unraveling.  Changing into something, but what?  Potential dictatorship?  Potential freedom?  Or what…

How do you want this chapter to end?


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About Sherry Swiney

Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.”



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By Sherry Swiney
June 30, 2022

I just woke up from a dream a few moments ago and, as always, I write down my dreams so they are not lost. I rarely post a dream but this one sparked the following blog:

DREAM – AT THE FARM June 30, 2022:

The scene is first of a 1920’s hospital baby nursery.  The babies are swaddled in small blankets with pastel butterfly patterns – some sleeping peacefully, others awake.  Quietly they lay, content. 

The next scene is of a handful of children around age 3 or 4, walking beneath a railroad bridge.  The width of the opening looked to be around forty or fifty feet.  The gravel road beneath went as far as the eye could see.

The children were heading somewhere.  Their numbers began to grow, and ages increased – 16, 17, 18, and upward – until the width of the bridge cross-way was filled with children of all ages.  I watched as the numbers continued to grow as far as my eyes could see, and I silently sent a message to Universe: “SOS – Earth is killing the children”. 

End of Dream.

Life on Earth is in trouble.  That means people are in trouble.  Many are waking up and more will begin to awaken soon.  Meanwhile, the false gods rule.  They are liars, brutal and murderous at heart, mind, and soul.  They do not care about people.  They do not care!  Period!  They do not think like people do and they use that to play people like a fiddle.  “That sounds pretty much like conspiracy theory to me.”  “Oh, they would never do that.”  Yeah, they do and they have been doing this with skill and cunning for centuries.  As long as people stay asleep, they can do whatever they want and know they are safe from prosecution.

Behind the scenes, they are like drunken bullies.

700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028 – Dr. David Martin (1:03:20 video)

Reiner Füllmich & 50 Lawyers: “The Vaccines Are Designed to Kill and Depopulate the Planet” (55:40 video) June 27, 2022

(2:09:55 video)

Yes, please pause and reflect on the world we live in.  Please see that we are living among false gods right now.  They look human but they are not.  They say things that sound trustworthy but they do things that are horrific.  The three videos above are but a small taste of what they do and have done to humanity. 

They want to own your mind and soul.  I feel sad that so many have already been lost, who have died by the hands of a murderous crowd.  Two of the videos above show the laws they have broken which amount to RICO violations.  No question about that.  We are seeing organized crime against all humans on Earth.  Their time is short so they must move as quickly as they can before too many humans see through their cloak of false decency into their basic malevolent ways. 

By the way, these malicious beings do not think they are doing anything wrong.  They believe the stories they tell you are the right thing to do.  They see nothing wrong with murdering millions of people.  They do not think like people do.  They are void of conscience and love. Some say they are jealous but I don’t think that enters their mind.  The only thing they want from us is to prevent us from becoming aware of who we are and what powerful spiritual beings we are.

Have you forgotten that you are not your body and that you do not die?  Have you also forgotten that you have dominion over the darkness?  You do.  You were not given the spirit of fear from the consciousness that breathed life into you.  You took on the spirit of fear yourself.  If you purchased it, you can send it back.  It’s your decision.

Do not turn your head the other way on the actions of the malevolent ones.  Do not let their crimes go unnoticed.  Be advised: They want to kill you.  But YOU have the power to stop them from doing further damage.

In conclusion, I quote Elana Freeland’s facebook post to help you lift yourself up for the battle that lies ahead:

Begin quote: “The Chinese character “crisis” means both opportunity and danger. Hang tight!

“To all my friends out there who know what’s really going on – to all my conspiracy theorist friends. Yes, sometimes it’s a curse and not always a blessing to be awake. Awakening is the most liberating, alienating, excruciating, empowering, lonely, confusing, freeing, frightening, expansive journey.

“If you find yourself struggling as you try to process all this insanity, you are not alone. No one talks about the darkness that accompanies awakening, or the GRIEF. Not only grieving the life and illusions you once had but the realization that almost everything you thought you once knew, is a LIE. The beliefs you’ve held, people you’ve trusted, principles you were taught- ALL LIES.

“Shattering illusions is RARELY an enjoyable experience. There is a considerable amount of discomfort that comes with growth and the grieving process doesn’t stop there. With these newfound realizations, you then find yourself grieving all over again. Grieving the loss of many relationships with people who just don’t “get it”. Feeling alone; being ridiculed and shamed, not only by the masses but for many of you, your very own family and friends too.

“Feeling like you no longer have much in common with the people you are surrounded by. Struggling with carrying on bullshit, shallow conversations that lack substance with those who are still fast asleep. Even feeling disconnected from your entire support system because they can’t see what you see. Some even grieve the loss of their ignorance- because “ignorance is bliss” and reality is harsh.

“Awakening can be a lonely road and you will often find yourself journeying alone. There is no way to sugarcoat it- Awakening to the realities of this world is brutal. It will have you running through the entire gamut of human emotions.

“You have to master the art of diving down the darkest of rabbit holes only to come out and still function in daily life, and that’s a skill people don’t talk about enough. Some of you are struggling with feeling disconnected from family and friends, it’s as though they exist in another world.

“Please know you are not alone, and not only are you not alone, you have an entire tribe standing with you. We may be separated by miles, but we are DEEPLY connected; in purpose and in spirit.”  End of quote.

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About Sherry Swiney

Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.”



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Establishment Mob
by Sherry Swiney
June 19, 2022

The establishment is the world we are in but not of.  One could say the establishment is the AIX

Notice how the establishment is toward humans: Not very nice; certainly not loving.

The establishment is run by a mob that vacuums souls into its cosmic web.

The suction is stronger than ever before.  The mob is laying its cards on the table.  The general public is beginning to notice that something isn’t quite right in the world.  They do not see the Game and surely they are not aware they are in the game.

The errant see the game.  Each in their own way is shouting from the roof tops: SEE THE GAME – WAKE UP FROM THE DREAM – before it’s too late!  That’s why the establishment mob deems us errant, i.e., uncontrollable.  We see them and they know it.

If you are an errant, all that needs to be said has been said to you numerous times, in one fashion or another throughout your lifetime.  In other words, you didn’t listen and you got played.  See it and get over it.  The real you is needed.  Life as you knew it is gone.  It happened while you were dreaming that you belong to the world: the mob.

Though the world is falling apart before you, there is no reason to fear.  You are not of this world, though you live in it.  You once believed you were of this world but now you see that’s not true.  If it were true, the Establishment would not treat you like trash, fodder, and collateral damage.  They put out your eyes then blame you for your blindness.

You are of the Source of Life – aka God.  I used ‘Source of Life’ because the term God has negative triggers for many people.

As such, you are Love.  That love should be radiating from you to create a world that treats others the way you want to be treated.  Instead that light has been severely dampened by the power you have given to the mob.  You allowed the mob to give you its hive mind.

Don’t feel bad.  All of us got played.  At some point in our lives, we woke up from the dream and realized we are the errant ones, the real ones in the world.  The rest are non-participating characters in a malleable holographic world that Source of Life created for us – not AIX or the mob.  We were put here voluntarily to learn something about living in this beautiful very dense world.  Long ago we were invaded, manipulated, and put into a dream state.  We believed the dream was real.  For a while… 

We woke up and saw that we were smack dab in the middle of a nefarious game.  Each of us reacted in different ways to this new information.  Some of us rejected it; others accepted it and realized we were in trouble.  We began shouting even louder: Wake Up before it’s too late.  You are needed.

Life on Earth is now at a crossroads point.  It’s decision time.

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About Sherry Swiney

Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.”

Medicine for the Mind Heart and Soul


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Medicine for the Mind Heart and Soul
by Sherry Swiney
June 5, 2022

Every morning, no matter the weather, I sit on the porch and sip a cup of coffee.  The view is lovely here in my forest.  Except for the casual crow arguments, it’s quiet and peaceful.  Did you know that Crow represents spiritual law in Native Indian folklore?  Deer and wild turkeys are a common morning sight; they mosey the property, nibbling wild foods or pecking for bugs, oblivious of my presence. 

This morning was different.

A female deer appeared from the dense forest into the clearing, walking toward me as though with intention.  When Deer got close, our eyes met.  We looked at each other for several minutes.  She then slowly walked away and disappeared back into the woods.  Unless an animal directly crosses your path, its spirit is not speaking specifically to you, so says Native American folklore.  I got the feeling that Miss Deer wanted me to remember her spirit meaning.

Right away, I remembered the saying and the story:

Deer. . . .
so gentle
  and loving you are
    The flower of kindness
      an embrace from afar

The Story”:

One day fawn heard Great Spirit calling to her from the top of Sacred Mountain. Fawn immediately started up the trail.  She didn’t know that a horrible demon guarded the way to Great Spirit’s lodge. The demon was trying to keep all the beings of creation from connecting to the Great Spirit.  Fawn was not at all frightened when she came upon the demon.  This was curious, as the demon was the archetype of all ugly monsters that had ever been.  The demon breathed fire and smoke and made disgusting sounds to frighten Fawn.  Any normal creature would have fled or died on the spot from fright.  Fawn however, said gently to the demon, “Please let me pass. I’m on the way to see Great Spirit.”

Fawn’s eyes were filled with love and compassion for this over-sized bully of a demon.  The Demon was astounded by Fawn’s lack of fear.  No matter how he tried, he could not frighten Fawn, because her love had penetrated his hardened, ugly heart.  Much to the demon’s dismay, his rock hard heart began to melt, and his body shrank to the size of a walnut.  Fawn’s persistent love and gentleness had caused the meltdown of the demon.  Due to this gentleness and caring that Fawn embodied, the pathway is now clear for all of Great Spirit’s children to reach Sacred Mountain without having to feel the demons of fear blocking their way.

Deer teaches us to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are trying to keep us from Sacred Mountain.  Like the dappling of Fawn’s coat, both the light and the dark may be loved to create gentleness and safety for those seeking peace.  If Deer has gently nudged its way into your life today, you are being asked to find the gentleness of spirit that heals all wounds.  Stop pushing so hard to get others to change, and love them as they are.  Apply gentleness to your present situation and become like the summer breeze; warm and caring.  This is your tool for solving the present dilemma you are facing.  If you use it, you will connect with Sacred Mountain, your centering place of serenity, and Great Spirit will guide you.

You can learn a lot about yourself through nature beings for they are real
(not the matrix)
(not the illusionary reality made by men)
(not the fake news)
(not government propaganda)
(not the archon trickery)
…and they speak to your soul – WHEN you listen.

It seems that slowly people are beginning to realize the power of Love Frequency.  It is much more powerful than any other frequency in our universe.  As always, I am not speaking about Romantic Frequency.  Though often associated with love, romance can happen without love.  So what am I talking about then?

I am talking about Unconditional Love Frequency that which does not sway, is not coerced, is not tricked, does not judge, doesn’t change under any condition, and is UN-conditional.

But humanity is under the spell of Divide and Conquer.

Unconditional Love is the rarest commodity on Planet Earth.  But if people knew its power, maybe they might use it to stop the insanity that has encompassed the world.  From my experience, sending Love Frequency to the dark side beings that once plagued my life sends them running away.

We could use this tactic to send these destructive nefarious beings away from the so-called elite rulers of our world.  We could use this powerful frequency of Love to heal our own minds, hearts, and souls.  We could use this gracious gift to remove all fear, give us courage, to cause us to become UNSTOPPABLE against evil-doers.

The question is, will you do it?  Do you have the courage to listen to Deer’s message?  Do you have the strength of character to free yourself from the grip of the dark side entities?  Do you have the nerve to reconnect with Nature?  Have you had enough lies, treachery, betrayal, and torture yet?  Are you okay with planned scarcity to starve you and your loved ones?  Do you have the fortitude to live in Freedom, or do you prefer living in slavery?

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Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.”




It’s Good To Be Human
by Sherry Swiney
May 16, 2022

I came across this article about the Mormons.  I didn’t read the article.  Instead, I read all the comments.  I may go back and read the article once this blog is posted, but I really don’t care what anyone’s belief system is.  I care about their character (inside) not who they appear to be outside.

It’s the comments below the article I’m writing about today.  The main gist is of some people arguing whether the Mormon article is a “hit piece”.  The rest argue about whether Mormon is Christian which leads to the so-called persecution of Christians today.

I see persecution of the entire human race but these folks only see their small spectrum of life on Earth.

In the grand scheme of things, these comments made me want to write something there, but there was no option for that.  I wanted to write something like this to the man who wrote (text copied from the page):

Jesus And Satan Are Brothers WRONG. God the Father “ELohim” is the father of all, Jesus his son is also God, and the one called Satan was also a child of Elohim. But he went wrong.

My comment would be:

“Elohim” is not God.  “Elohim in true translation from the original language means “Those that came from the heavens” or “Those who came from the sky”.  “Elohim” is a plural form.  The translators wanted to hide the original meaning.  If they didn’t, then the bible text in Genesis would be about non-terrestrial beings being here, playing God.  To accomplish this portion of deceit, the translators used the word God wherever the word “Elohim” was found in the original language, or placed the word “Elohim” in a sentence that depicted a singular deity.  This is why we see in modern scripture, in the Old Testament, a God that is vengeful, hateful, cruel, and a genuine psychopath.  In this false translation, we are asked to worship this “God” (the false gods – plural).  Reference: “Escaping from Eden” by Paul Wallis.

I also wanted to write a comment to the lady who responded to Mr. Burden’s comment (text copied from the page):

Robert A Burden
Mormon church not Christian. They have a different god and a different jesus than Christianity. I know. I was a Mormon. Mormons believe that “God” was once a man and that men my become gods.

Allison Bartholomew
There is no way you were Mormon. We are Christian, we believe in Jesus Christ and God, and we don’t believe that God was once a man. We do believe that one day we will be able to become like Gods.

My comment would be:

Look at all of you arguing about whose god is better.  You anthropomorphize to your level of being.  Humans always do that.  We make things up according to what others have told us since birth.  We don’t bother walking in each other’s shoes, even for the moments it takes to make a comment on the article.  Soon enough, it becomes personal.  That’s how wars start and that’s how the dark side that is closing in on this world plays you.  It’s called Divide and Conquer (DC). 

We all come from the same Source of Life.  The ET’s who were here may have messed with our genes or they may not have.  We don’t know because we weren’t there and if we were, we don’t remember.

Even if that’s true, the changes were not permanent and that is what the dark side so fears.  That is why the propaganda is so thick these days.  That is why we are seeing wars and rumors of wars these days.  That is why we are seeing a plethora of DC efforts. 

Their greatest fear is being discovered.  If the dark side can keep us busy arguing over trivial minutia, trivial in the sense of the planetary takeover in progress, then we lose as a species.

When we all see through the tricks, games, and traps, we will all see the world through different eyes.  We will see the perpetrators for what they are.  We really are in a spiritual war and if the warriors for life-before-profit want to win, they will have to stop arguing among one another, and see each other as brothers and sisters from the same Source of Life heading to a crossroads where a decision will have to be made.  One fork in the road is Life.  The other is imprisonment and slavery as it has always been so far.

Finally, I wanted to comment on the middle one in this set (text copied from the page):

Alan Jones
Jesus And Satan Are Brothers WRONG. God the Father “ELohim” is the father of all, Jesus his son is also God, and the one called Satan was also a child of Elohim. But he went wrong.

Isa Ismail
how could the son of god (satan) went wrong? has god failed in educating his son?

Rhonda Hardy
The Bible tells us that Saton was a created being-an Angel who believed since he was so powerful he could be God. He was cast out of Heaven and is the Prince of our world now, until Jesus comes again

My comment would be this:

We all come from the same Source of Life, including the one called Satan.  Which of us is perfect?  Why are we not perfect?  We fail to understand the Design of Existence.  It is intricate and beautifully smooth.  There are no glitches in the program.  Everything works according to Universal Design, thanks to the Source of Life – a conscious intelligence no one understands.

We create God in our image so we can try to relate to the mysteries we live in every day.  The Design gives us free will and that means we are free to make mistakes.  This is not God’s mistake.  It is our mistake and it is Satan’s mistake.

What we don’t understand is that our words and actions move the electrons and protons in certain ways which are all connected to everything in Universal Design.  The Design follows Universal Law.  Any blueprint must follow the designer’s design or it won’t work.  For example: If a bridge crew decided to ignore the bridge design, the bridge would fail, lives would be lost, and fortunes and benefits would not exist. 

A glut of rules and laws on Earth are contrary to Universal Law.  This has affected and will continue to affect every living thing on this planet.  We see it in the Divide and Conquer ploys (propaganda) on every level of life.  Everywhere we turn, someone is arguing with someone about something trivial.  Few are having a “sit-down” to listen to each other in hopes that the collective will figure out that this is not about winning an argument.  This is about seeing where Divide and Conquer is taking us.

Instead of being in the Divide and Conquer mode with each other, why not be in that mode with the real enemy: The behaviors and actions defying Universal Law right now, by most of us on Earth.

Familiar laws include gravity (which also includes levitation); and electromagnetism (which includes all the rest).  But there are important other laws in the Design that need to be followed if we want to be successful as humans and avoid the takeover.  Reference: Seven Universal Laws of Life

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About Sherry Swiney

Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.”

TRUTH OBSCURED (A Message of Hope)


Truth Obscured
by Sherry Swiney
March 29, 2022

Check out the photo above and notice how our eyes see so little of reality.  We are aware of only a small fraction of existence.  We are equally unaware of our potential as human beings.

Today I am writing about hope and your power to live an abundant life in the midst of a big problem in this world.  The problem is real and happening now.  It is here.  Because of that…

I want to share some examples of the craziness I see in the upper echelon of inhabitants on this planet.  These are the folks that believe they can dictate how you and I should behave.  How we should live, think, feel, eat and sleep.  These are not my people.  They do not belong in my tribe.  These are people who allow non-human traits to taint their souls.  These are the people who suffer from their minds being tampered with and they don’t even know it.  Many think they are doing the right thing by wanting everyone to be the same as everyone else.  One size fits all.  But you know what?  That idea has never worked for human beings.  It works great for hive-minded beings but it doesn’t work for us.

You see, human beings are creatures that are born with imagination.  We come here innocent and pure of heart.  When we arrive we remain connected to our Creator – no matter what.  The big problem we have faced (manipulation) for the past few thousand years is coming to a head.  The controllers may think that’s good news, but awakened human beings don’t think so.  We understand that it is our gift of imagination that creates our perception and thus the reality we make for ourselves.  We know we have the ability to create a monstrous or a glorious reality.

Now, a lot of you may not understand but those who do, will get this.  And those who don’t get it but want to will dive in to find out more (click on the hyperlinks throughout this article).  Even at this late date, the main thing is to start where you are with what you have.  Don’t go into fear or debt stocking up on survival foods.  Plant a garden instead and learn how to preserve your excess food.  While you are thinking about doing that, imagine a world that is filled with good people who are thriving.  Imagination is far more powerful than you know.

I am glad to know that thousands of people saw what was coming ten-twelve-twenty years ago.  I am grateful to know that since then millions of people began seeing the problem (the deranged attempt to bring us into hive mind) between the moment Covid-19 started and now.  I can say these numbers because of all the homestead videos on how to plant food, how to be sustainable, and how to thrive in the midst of such a big problem.  All across the country, people gather to learn how to do these things.  Gardening is IN!  Raising chickens is IN!  Grocery shelves may be thinning and prices may be rising but there is no fear in their hearts.  They know they can feed their families with good wholesome food.  For them, it’s not about living to survive.  It is about living to thrive.

Situations can change quickly.  In 2019 did you ever think the world would change so dramatically and be like it is today?  If it can change so quickly to dark, it can also change quickly to light.  Your imagination makes all the difference.  If you listen to the news and it makes you feel bad, that’s to be expected.  Perhaps the stories are true to some degree, but perhaps they are greatly embellished to promote fear (another creative force).  What would happen if you imagined a world filled with good people thriving?  What would that look like?  What if it’s possible?  If you believe in God, then all things are possible.  If you believe you exist by some kind of intelligent design or that you are not here by accident, then you know all things are possible.  Either way, you have within you that which created you.  Imagination is creative.  Be aware of what you are dreaming of and hoping for.  Put another way, are you creating the controller’s world or your own world?


With all that said…

As you continue reading, please keep in mind that what I am pointing out is not designed to place fear into your mind.  On the contrary; it is to give you another way to think about things.  Perhaps you could see from the controllers’ hive-mind perspective and then look at your point of view, not theirs. 

Have you noticed that a lot of historical thinking (teaching) is falling apart?  I have, and it is high time more compelling information is revealed for public consumption.  My only hope is that enough people find this information, take the time to digest it, ponder it, and wonder how in the world these things could have been kept secret all these years.  Only a small fraction of what’s presented here contains newly discovered information.  The rest has been hidden from us for decades (or more) either through lies and propaganda, or by discrediting, disappearing, or killing the messengers.  Our history is filled with such cases while the public goes about its ways in oblivion.

Here are some examples:

Cosmology: THUNDERBOLTS, Mel Acheson: Playing w/Historical Thinking.  Gravity-and-gas theories are patched with hypothetical, unobservable, and untestable phantoms: collapsed matter, dark matter, dark energy. These phantoms “must be there” to save falsification. Mel explains from an historical view why it’s time for the next conceptual revolution.

The Bible: Most famous verse in the Bible is ‘misunderstood by millions’.  ‘There is a simple solution to this mysterious dilemma’

I often wonder if people anthropomorphize God because the bible told us God walked the earth, but was that really God?

“Elohim does not mean God.  Elohim, translated properly, means the powerful ones.  “Ones” as in more than one.  As in those who came from the heavens.  As in ETs.  Sky people.  Annunaki.

What if THE BIBLE IS NOT ABOUT GOD? In this follow up 2021 documentary WHY ARE WE HERE – Part 3: Paul Wallis explores the many possible and plausible mistranslations and misinterpretations of our ancient origins. The plural origins or the word “Elohim” and how this small alteration changes the whole story! In Part one: (WHY ARE WE HERE? A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story | Full Documentary) Paul documents the links within the Sumerian creation account:

The word Annunaki, he explains, means “Those who came from the heavens to Earth,” a phrase that made clear their extra terrestrial origins. Part 2: – Many of the world’s oldest mythologies claim that governance over human society began with dominance over human beings being established by superior beings or “gods.” And then the job of rulership gets handed over at a later stage to human governors or Kings. The Bible originated from the ancient Sumerian text.

Text found with the same story. Pre-dating the Biblical accounts by thousands of years. Documenting Ancient Aliens. The Sumerian story begins with the rulers coming down from the heavens. And the glyph for these rulers is a symbol pointing to the sky! The Annunaki were from the heavens. They were sky people! Clip 1

Today the powerful ones (the anointed governors or kings) are still at war again over the management of the human race.  We, the human beings, are caught in the middle.  The result?  Genocide. 

The evidence is before us right this minute.  All you need to do is look around. HIV/Covid-19; the Ukraine/Putin/CIA war; killer vaccines; killer medicines; vaccine passports; biolabs everywhere; television; cell phones; 5G/6G; smart meters, media propaganda; censorship; the Great Reset; the new world order; GMO foods; factory farming; climate change; sex trafficking; child sex changes; politically correct speech; economic collapse; judicial fraud.  All leading to AGENDA 21/2030 and total control of every aspect of our lives.

I would say that all you need to do is put in any of the above terms into a search engine but lately even DuckDuckGo has become corrupted.

“Now that DuckDuckGo has officially DuckDuckGone in the direction of censorship, what’s a free speech-loving, liberty-minded conspiracy realist to do? Never fear, #SolutionsWatch is here. In the first of a series of explorations of Alt Tech, James Corbett talks to Colin Pape of Presearch, a decentralized search engine that is seeking to offer an alternative to the Big Tech monopolization of search.” 


We warned you decades ago and we are still warning you today.  Turns out everything governments do is based on some kind of trickery and/or fraud.  With that said, here is a short list of frauds that are happening right now – right before your eyes but who sees them?  Do you?  Do your neighbors, family, friends, colleagues?


You may have heard stories about a false flag alien invasion being in the works.  If you listen to either of both of the links below, you will know the inside story about all of that.

Inside The Matrix 12-8-2021 with Dr. Steven Greer

I hope you will watch the “Cosmic Hoax” Movie.


Currently, everyone is paying attention to the Ukraine/Putin/CIA War.  No time to pay attention to the Covie-19 fraud any more.  We have a war to focus on.  We have sides to take, people to support, and people to hate.  This is the way the controllers want us to behave and by-golly people fell into their Divide and Conquer trap again.  It’s amazing.

People act as though Putin suddenly decided to attack the Ukraine for no reason at all.  He’s the bad guy his time.  The truth is this: no one is the good guy.  The people are being played once again.  Wow!

We need to watch for dramatization of Zelenskyy as a hero fighting the bad guys. It’s very important that we get the right perspectives on this. And that takes a whole series of voices to get the correct idea. Have you seen the 2016 documentary by Oliver Stone “Ukraine on Fire“? It captures the situation in the Ukraine before Zelenskyy and it was already being tampered with heavily by the CIA. Another major source of good information is Professor Peter Dale Scott, a former Canadian diplomat and English Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

You’re going to hear a lot of war drums on both sides, and lots of censorship of stories that dive into things like the biolabs, money-laundering, and secret political deals.

There’s no loyalty in this kind of scenario, meaning it doesn’t matter if you are Left or Right or somewhere else politically, if you go against the official narrative you will get hammered. This works on other issues as well such as race issues, politics issues, gender issues, etc. Anyone that doesn’t go along with the machine is to be stamped out.

How quickly we forget the last fraud that destroyed so many lives.

Evidence of pandemic fraud, covid-19 fraud, inoculation safety fraud is wide spread.  You may even find some of these reports coming from establishment media.  Many credible reports of bonafide evidence of fraud from numerous researchers who care about the truth and freedom are in the form of videos posted here.  Catch up.  Follow the links in the video descriptions for further research.

Next up in the hive mind –


If the controllers were truly concerned about climate change, they would not continue promoting things that do not work toward creating a better environment.  They would, instead, be teaching everyone what to do in either a much hotter planet (their scenario) or a much colder planet (observational evidence).

Instead they claim that fossil fuels must go, that the sun must be blocked, and the weather controlled.  Never mind that it takes toxic chemicals sprayed from high altitudes to accomplish this.  If they really believed that climate change was caused by human activity, they would stop their own activities that are destroying life – oh, I forgot.  The controllers are not human!  None of their proposals make any sense.  For example…

Oil and gas are not fossil fuels.  Therefore to say that ‘fossil fuels’ must go is pretty ludicrous.  Here are some links to review.  Ya’ll need to get used to doing your own research from time to time.

Oil Is NOT A Fossil Fuel – It Is Abiotic, By Jerry Mazza, Online Journal Contributing Writer, 9-29-2005

Methane-derived hydrocarbons produced under upper-mantle conditions, July 2009 Nature Geoscience 2(8):566, DOI: 10.1038/ngeo591, Project: Chemistry of hydrocarbons under pressure

Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find

Thar Be BEASTIES Down There (or “Why Big Oil’s Big Secret is Good News for You”)

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA Vol. 89, pp. 6045-6049, July 1992 Microbiology The deep, hot biosphere (geochemistry/planetology) THOMAS GOLD Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853 Contributed by Thomas Gold, March 13, 1992

Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find, Date: September 12, 2009 Source: Vetenskapsrådet (The Swedish Research Council)

Abiogenic petroleum origin – cite note-gold1999-4

Another proposal is for everyone to get electric cars.  Smart cars, controllable cars, to stop climate change.  Well, here’s the thing…

Electric cars do not save on using conventional fuels.

Does everyone know where electric power comes from?  Probably most people know but don’t think about it.  As a reminder, here is a list of where electricity comes from today:

Natural gas
Petroleum (Oil)

Note: So-called Free Energy technology has been developed but is not available to the public yet.  There’s too much greed among the oligarchs to allow that to happen.  And as long as people continue to fall for being played over and over again, why should they reveal a technology that could literally ‘save the world’?  Hiding advanced technology is easy when the public doesn’t even wonder why we are stuck with using 19th century combustion technology (technology that burns something first) in the 21st century.  Okay, so the TV says electric cars are the thing to do and the people say, “Yes!”  And without missing a beat and without asking how cars might run on electricity, there are cheers, “It will save the world.  Electric cars are clean energy!” 

This just after going through two full years of being lied to about a fake pandemic, and presently being in the throes of swallowing media lies about the Ukraine/Putin/CIA feud – you guessed it – they are also cheering for war.  Now, suddenly the TV is telling them the truth about Electric cars?  That’s incredible!  Well, I might be wasting my time trying to reach the misled cheering squad, but for those who are interested listen up.

Electric Cars:  Experts argue whether electric cars are worse for the environment than gas guzzlers once the manufacturing process and batteries are taken into account.

Electric cars have to get electricity from somewhere to charge up their batteries, right?  Do you think electric cars run from solar panels?  Not so much.  So the electricity comes from one of the other resources listed above.

Do you know how batteries for electric cars are made?  How solar panels are made?  Are they environmentally friendly?  There are still lead-acid batteries around but batteries for electric cars are made of lithium-ion.  So where does lithium-ion come from?  Well, to begin with see Will the Race for Electric Vehicles Endanger the Earth’s Most Sensitive Ecosystem? Materials needed to make the batteries for electric cars and other clean technology is driving interest in deep-seabed mining, and scientists fear the cost to the ocean will be steep.  And what happens to those batteries when they need to be replaced?  While most Electric Vehicle (EV) components are much the same as those of conventional cars, the big difference is the battery. While traditional lead-acid batteries are widely recycled, the same can’t be said for the lithium-ion versions used in electric cars.  I wonder how this can be considered clean technology, if we wipe out entire species on the ocean floor.  And if we do wipe out entire species in the ocean how will that affect life on the land?  This is NOT known, yet the TV says electric cars are the thing to do because it will help the environment.  There is absolutely no logic there.  It looks like propaganda to me, meaning there’s another reason for this push.  If the controllers really want “fossil fuels gone”, why not propose the car that runs on water?  Oh, that’s right.  The inventor was accidentally killed by poison in 1998. 

As for disposal when the EV batteries wear out?  EV batteries are larger and heavier than those in regular cars and are made up of several hundred individual lithium-ion cells, all of which need dismantling. They contain hazardous materials, and have an inconvenient tendency to explode if disassembled incorrectly.

Solar Panels: There are hazardous chemicals used to make photovoltaic (PV) cells and panels that must be carefully handled to avoid release to the environment. Some types of PV cell technologies use heavy metals, and these types of cells and PV panels may require special handling when they reach the end of their useful life. Some solar thermal systems [such as commercial applications] use potentially hazardous fluids to transfer heat, and leaks of these materials could be harmful to the environment.  The toxic chemicals in solar panels include cadmium telluride, copper indium selenide, cadmium gallium (di)selenide, copper indium gallium (di)selenide, hexafluoroethane, lead, and polyvinyl fluoride. Additionally, silicon tetrachloride, a byproduct of producing crystalline silicon, is highly toxic.

Solar panels are composed of photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert sunlight to electricity. When these panels enter landfills, valuable resources go to waste. And because solar panels contain toxic materials like lead that can leach out as they break down, landfilling also creates new environmental hazards.

Climate change is not caused by human activity.

Contrary to popular belief, humans are not the cause of the climate changing.  We may be the cause of heavy pollution and poisoning the planet and ourselves, and some of that pollution may have local climate consequences, but these are not the cause of global climate change.  So what is the cause then?

There’s a long history of fraud in the climate change scenario.  To keep this short, I recommend this video.

Next up – hive mind in action


I don’t know about you but I have never wanted to be changed into a robot.  But hive mind does. 

Elana Freeland@ElanaFreeland, Geoengineered Transhumanism with Elana Freeland, November 28, 2021 interview with Richard Syrett on The Conspiracy Show / Talk Zone.

Talk Zone: Geoengineered Transhumanism, Internet Radio – Internet Talk Shows – Internet Talk Radio – from Talk Zone


Rudolf Steiner wrote about the day when we will eliminate the soul with medicine.

Dr. Zelenko Exposes How Early COVID Treatments Were Sabotaged By Dr Rick Bright, Killing Masses

COVID Revealed – Episode 5: Dr. David Martin, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler (December 4, 2021)

00:00:10 – Preview
00:02:10 – Intro
00:04:18 – Dr. David Martin
00:57:05 – Dr. James Lyons-Weiler
01:45:25 – Patient Stories

Dr Robert Malone and Dr. David Martin – COVID REVEALED 9 PROOF C-19 IS NOT REAL

The epidemic that wasn’t: In 2006, doctors used PCR testing to cause mass hysteria over a “whooping cough” outbreak that didn’t even exist.


As far as I can tell, all history text books are wrong.  Especially Origin of Life books.

Hive mind wants you to believe that Evolution Theory is a fact.  What does such a belief do to humanity?  The theory of Evolution created the “survival of the strongest” mindset which set into motion a long era of genocide, murder, lawlessness, and mayhem.  The acceptance of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution among societies can be likened to a nuclear event, decimating the fragile moral fabric of humanity. Evolution, the concept of the survival of the strongest, and natural selection has only contributed to the devastation of human reason and thinking. The acceptance of evolution creates a shift in worldview that is so radical it threatens the very fabric of society. It holds that we derive our morality in the same way animals do, through force and strength. It contends that ultimately, might equals right, and even good because it assures that success of the strongest in society is guaranteed, and thus our survival as a species becomes a morally justifiable end in itself. Evolution attaches us to the base desires of animals as the only means of deriving purpose in life, outside of survival, nature is cruel and purposeless.

But is evolution true?

Watch the full episode which covers evolution, climate cycles, Essene mirrors, and transhumanism.


Scientific Study Concludes That 5G Exacerbated COVID

Elana Freeland@ElanaFreeland 36m·Geoengineered Transhumanism with Elana Freeland Edited, Thanks to Ray Songtree.

Greg Reese, Scientific Study Concludes That 5G Exacerbated COVID – Scientific study published at provides evidence that 5G played a dramatic part of the spurious COVID pandemic

ELANA: It’s all explained in the new book just out. Facebook refused to post this short Greg Reese clip and anything else that leads people to think there is a connection between CV-19, the “vaccine,” and 5G.


Lies, Damned Lies, and Government Nutrition Advice – Nutrition science is almost always a hot, steaming pile of contradictory nonsense. How much worse, then, that our eating habits and dietary guidelines are shaped by the government (and its corporate string-pullers)? Join James for this extra tasty, sugar-free, all organic, non-GMO edition of The Corbett Report.

Everything You Were Taught About Nutrition Is Wrong – Do you like coffee? Well I have bad news for you. Or is that good news? Or maybe it’s great news.  Been carefully avoiding saturated fats? Well maybe you don’t have to! Or maybe you do.  And it seems you can stop avoiding egg yolks again, but if you still think chocolate will help you lose weight faster I have some more bad news for you. Confused? Of course you are. Join James for this week’s subscriber newsletter as he breaks down the headline-grabbing and often completely contradictory world of (industry funded, government approved) nutritional science.

The Gates/Rockefeller “Green Revolution” Scam Exposed – You’ve got to hand it to the globalists: they know how to take advantage of our better instincts. They have designed an entire international institutional infrastructure around the issues that the average non-psychopath cares about (or at least pretends to): helping the poor and the downtrodden, caring for children, ending inequities, taking care of the planet, etc.

This is why Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, just released his report on “Our Common Agenda,” which purports to provide a road map for “rebuilding our world and mending the trust in one another we need so desperately at this moment in history.” Not because he actually cares about saving the world, of course, but because he knows that we do and that many people can be persuaded to “make sacrifices”—up to and including relinquishing their personal sovereignty, as this report ultimately calls for—for the “greater good.”

And, as viewers of this week’s New World Next Week will know, this is why the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and a gaggle of their Big Agra cronies are teaming up in a billion-dollar alliance to “elevate the single coordinated African voice” in a United Nations summit on food security in Africa. Not because they care about feeding starving African children or raising up poor African farmers, but because they know that we do.

Specifically, the Gates-Rockefeller-Big Ag monstrosity known as the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and their associated fundraising vehicle, the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) is seeking to “elevate the single coordinated African voice” at the UN Food Systems Summit in New York this week. But, as the Alliance for Food Safety in Africa (AFSA) and literally dozens of other groups are pointing out, the AGRA-promoted approach to farming—monocultural commodity production heavily reliant on chemical inputs—is great for the big agribusiness corporations who make up the AGRA alliance but terrible for actual African farmers, not to mention terrible for long-term soil fertility and human development.

This imbalance is not by accident. In fact, the entire premise behind the “green revolution” from which AGRA and AGRF derive their name is that Big Ag is the saviour of the world and the only way to provide food security for the masses. This is a lie, of course, but it’s one that plays nicely on our compassion. After all, who wants to see African farmers living in poverty and African children starving?

But in order to better understand the scam that is being perpetrated on the people of Africa (and the people of the world), we need to look beyond this billion-dollar corporate alliance to discover the sordid history of the “green revolution” itself. As usual, the real history of this event is completely opposite to the history you will read about it in the mainstream textbooks.

Listening to the Enemy – In this jam-packed 90 minute episode of the podcast, we tap into enemy communications once again to find out what the global “superclass” are thinking and doing. From global government to synthetic biology, the phony left/right paradigm and Rockefeller’s ruminations, we break down the arguments and parse the rhetoric of the globalists’ transmissions.


Regenerative agriculture is an effective way to restore biodiversity and stabilize the climate, but what exactly is it? This video explores three different regenerative practices that have great potential both in food production and in healing the land.

Regenerative agriculture brings together a set of agricultural practices whose primary objective is to naturally enhance soil quality. In other words, to restore the fertility of diseased or exhausted soils. These practices are largely based on natural and ancient farming traditions around the world, but also on modern research and innovations in sustainable agriculture.

Regenerative agriculture is particularly useful in arid places where the soil was subject to excessive conventional agriculture.  It also plays a significant role in the fight against global warming as it helps to retain and sequestrate CO2.

But that’s not the way hive mind sees it.  According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) agriculture is responsible for 18% of the total release of greenhouse gases world-wide (this is more than the whole transportation sector). Cattle-breeding is taking a major factor for these greenhouse gas emissions according to FAO. Says Henning Steinfeld, Chief of FAO’s Livestock Information and Policy Branch and senior author of the report: “Livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems. Urgent action is required to remedy the situation.”  The World Economic Forum (WEF) says that eating meat is endangering the planet

Given the observable evidence from regenerative agriculture and farming, which story do you think is true?  Would you prefer eating insects or 100% pasture raised food?  Remember hive mind eats bugs.  Human beings don’t, except under dire circumstances.

A 2013 report from the UN says organic farming is solution to world’s food needs.  The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, or UNCTAD, recommends in a 341-page report the world turn to sustainable organic agriculture to meet its food needs.  The report, Wake Up Before It’s Too Late, includes a number of conclusions that justify popular arguments for organic agriculture. It says the world must shift to sustainable organic agriculture or face food shortages and environmental catastrophe.  It also refutes the argument that corporate industrial agriculture is the only way to feed the world. That means at least one UN agency is now publicly endorsing and backing organic agriculture.  The report states that “organic agriculture is an ideal solution” for the world’s food problems. Among other things it recommends: government policies that promote organic agriculture.  “Meeting the food security challenges is thus primarily about empowerment of the poor and their food sovereignty,” the report says.


There’s a battle for our thoughts.  If you haven’t noticed this yet, hive mind non-human entities want to control our thoughts.  So far, they’ve done a pretty good job and the misled cheering squad is about to succumb to every bit of trickery we’ve seen so far.  These folks do not realize that we came here – not by accident – with extraordinary abilities.  The controllers have been using every trick in the book to suppress those abilities.  To make us forget they even exist.  To malign this gift our Creator gave to us.

Don’t waste your time believing the hive mind propaganda.  Spend your time wondering what YOU believe and what kind of life YOU want.  Prepare for hard times, sure.  The controllers have brought the world to this point and that is a big problem.  But do not prepare out of fear.  Rather, prepare out of love for yourself, your family, your community, your love of Nature and all that your Creator has given to you.

You are armed with abilities you don’t remember.  Seek those abilities sincerely and the memory will return.

The hour is late but it is not too late to take action to create a world filled with good people thriving.  The controllers live by hate and fear.  That’s all they know.  They do not know human beings at all.  They fail to grasp the strength of the human spirit.  If you fold under their nonsense dictates, then you get what you believe.  There is no logical reason to believe their lies.  Hive mind rules by force, not loyalty or love.  Be inspired by the millions of people who see through the lies who are creating the life we are intended to live.  Start now with where you are and with what you have.

We can do this.

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About Sherry Swiney

Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.”

Ukraine In The Membrane



Crazy insane, got no brain.

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“Break a leg. You’re a natural. We got your back.”

Insane In Ukraine
President Volodymyr Zelensky is as much a puppet dictator of a dysfunctional Oligarchy installed through elections by global managers as Joe Biden is a puppet President of a dysfunctional Corporatocracy installed through elections by global managers. You cannot talk about either without being slandered a “conspiracy theorist”. The discerning mind knows there are no more conspiracy theories. The phrase itself was invented as a misinformation tool by the CIA to smear those who asked too many inconvenient questions after they assassinated a President in 1963 right in front of Abraham Zapruder’s camera and the world. No matter how many holes there are in a prepared narrative, including obvious coups, assassinations and lately western fixed elections, one is just supposed to shut up and not believe their lying eyes. Now we are told to shut up and believe Ukraine is a “democracy” fighting to defend “liberal values” and Zelensky is a brave leader defying evil aggression.

The hero worship of Zelensky making the rounds on the propaganda outlets and being amplified on attention networks is the stuff of legend. War is always just propaganda. The servants of power in the Ukrainian Borg, and the war hawks in both parties and their echoes of the blue check brigade across the west want people to believe a hypothetical “western liberal” future wouldn’t be a near first in that poor vassal state, but never mind the facts, in the fog of war propaganda it’s a time for emotions only.

The comic’s performances have been spectacular feats of western manipulation, guilting countries like Germany and Sweden to send more weapons that will likely require a thank-you card from Putin. The comic continues to engineer attention network mobs to pile on the increase of sanctions that will hurt the mobs more than Russians. He’s definitely still a comic, but he’s now also a dangerous lunatic who wants to bring the whole world down with his corrupt regime. With the western corporate-state media propagandists manipulating the Ukrainian Borg who are incessantly cheering him on, this will not end well. The comic’s demands become more insane by the day.

We call on all civilized countries to impose an embargo on Russian oil products, ban Russian citizens from entering your territory and disconnect Russia from SWIFT. We call on NATO, Europe, the United States to close the sky over Ukraine.

Comic suicide pact translation: “Russia is uncivilized despite us poking them for years in exchange for billions in US Aid that we funnel to U.S. Elites or their sons like Hunter Biden. Banning Russian energy will destroy the people of the west who will pay enormous amounts for natural gas and petrol, but isn’t that a small price to pay for solidarity with me, the chosen puppet of Ukrainian oligarchy? Disconnecting Russia from swift will send them further into the arms of the dragon and Iran setting the stage for world war three, but isn’t that a small price to pay for me, the puppet of western hyenas?”

This will not mean your military confrontation with Russia. This will mean that you have stopped the war, and your descendants will remember you as heroes. For our part, we will continue to defend our own land, we will not give up and we will destroy our enemies.

Comic suicide pact translation: “You can be heroes and stop the war. I know I could do it in one minute by phone but the hyenas won’t let me. What do you say western civilization, stand with us and help us keep poking the bear by sacrificing thousands of Ukrainian civilians so I stay in power and the media keep calling me a hero?“

A real hero would take his ill gotten gains and walk away to play the funny bone or the laugh factory, thereby saving thousands of his compatriots lives. Unfortunately for the Ukrainian people the comic and his buddies are intent on using them as cannon fodder for western propaganda campaigns and their incessant bear poking operations. Arming civilians in Kiev who don’t know anything about firearms and putting them in the battle is a cynical ploy to make them victims for western media propaganda campaigns.

Unfortunately for Europe and the west, the comic is calling out Papa Dementia for not sending in U.S. forces to defend his Oligarch puppet regime which has enriched Papa Dementia and his crack head son. The Ukrainian money laundering machine is on the verge of collapse. Where will Papa dementia, his son, John Kerry’s son, Romney’s son, Pelosi’s son and others in the west be acquiring dirty money from US Aid if not washed on the boards of Ukrainian energy companies? There’s a lot at stake and the comic’s lips are getting pretty loose. We all know what happens with loose lips. Let’s hope he doesn’t board a CIA leased helicopter if Kiev falls.

The bear has growled and is presently doing some light mauling, though it’s not going as quickly as planned. The west are all still eager to embrace their inner hyena and be stupid and treacherous, endangering the world by threatening for the first time in history, a direct conflict between two nuclear super powers. Insanity doesn’t even begin to describe the mess in Ukraine that could be ended with one phone call.

Narrative Managers
The corporate-state propagandists have been hard at work selling the world one lie after another. War is their time to shine and after two years of Silent War propaganda, they’re good and ready to deliver some proxy hot war gems. All of it designed to manipulate the unthinking masses who outsource their brains to the narrative managers and resort to expressing their manipulated feelings as if they were valid. Whenever panic and hysteria kick in, people shut their brains off and you’d better be feeling what they’re feeling or they’ll get angry. The latest feelings we’re all supposed to have is that Putin is evil and Russia is a monster state. Putin is one of the smartest and most rational statesman alive and while he may be corrupt and a dictator, he certainly shares many of the same qualities as Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Ardern, Johnson and other western corrupt traitors who lock up their citizens, suspended civil liberties, jail political opposition and force toxic bioweapons on millions of their innocent unsuspecting citizens. How are they any less evil? Trudeau just seized bank accounts of law abiding citizens, working class peaceful protestors. The things they want us to believe.

In International Relations theory Putin is simply doing what any smart leader would do. He’s cleaning up a mess at his border that has been out of hand for eight years. He tried the diplomatic path and was rebuked at every step by a CIA and Pentagon controlled western executive branch, under Obama, then Trump and now especially under Biden. They funneled more money, more arms, and spread more lies about Russia each year, blaming Putin on CIA and FBI domestic coups, on election meddling that was actually done by Clinton and Obama, and now after twenty years of poking a bear who is finally growling a bit, they want to paint him as a lunatic dictator who will start world war three. They’re even saying he suffering mental effects of “long covid”.

You’d really need to have kept your head in the sand the past two decades to buy a word of it, and yet millions around the world are eating it up as truth. The only truth is that the propagandists aren’t even very good at what they do. In fact you might say they’re getting pretty sloppy.

2018 Gas explosion in Ukraine used as western front page war propaganda. Amateur hour at MI5 and the CIA.
CIA News Network (CNN) Oopsie. Bernie Gores has nine lives.

Ukrainian Borg
The same branch covidians who gave their brains to the state managers and their arms to Pfizer and Moderna are now virtue signaling their love of the blue and yellow. The flags are everywhere. The propaganda right below it. The meaningless gestures flow from those who, again, outsource their brains to the narrative managers and resort to expressing their manipulated feelings as if they were valid. If they really supported the Ukrainian people they’d be demanding their oligarch dictator do the right thing and disavow NATO membership which was never on the table anyway. They have no clue what’s really going on and rush to join the herd running toward the pre approved meadow to chew on the carefully prepared narratives and images designed to manipulate and control them.

Each year they assimilate to latest Borg.

We are told some of the lies are spread to keep “morale high”. Apparently they’ve killed or captured 4,300 Russian troops in 72 hours and destroyed 146 Russian tanks despite having almost zero air power since the third hour of the conflict. Joseph Goebbels would be embarrassed if he handed something like this to Hitler and yet millions assimilated to the Ukrainian Borg celebrate all this propaganda as fact. Ukraine’s ministry of defense wants civilians to buy this false hope so they rush to spill their blood for Ukrainian Oligarchs and western hyenas. The western media cheers them on.

There are reports of bars and restaurants across the U.S. and Canada pouring out their Russian Vodka, to…to…to show solidarity with Ukraine? Republican governors are eager to reveal their true genius and follow with meaningless gestures. The cowards are all running to get in line, afraid of being called names by the regime party media managers and their intel spook bosses. Where is the opposition party in times of conflict to ask important questions and challenge the Borg? When it comes to supporting western proxy wars, a politician’s devotion must be absolute. Even if absolutely moronic.

The republican opposition who were at least semi coherent during the bioweapons madness have completely disappeared. Their latest political talking points read something like this: “This never would have happened under Trump. Joe Biden’s weakness makes the world unsafe.”

Using the conflict which is probably intentional and by design for cheap political points is amusing. Trump would be reacting to this engineered conflict just as bad as Biden with all the pointless sanctions that pave the way for a global conflagration between nuclear powers. He would drive Putin straight into the hands of the Dragon like Papa Dementia is doing with a few more harsh words for the Dragon, “Chyyyna!”. The executive office is a symbolic position that is made increasingly impotent by the real forces of power in the intelligence community who control the media and can render a President completely useless with propaganda alone.

Trump was harsher than Biden on Russia because of the baseless collusion allegations he was trying to outrun and out perform. That doesn’t mean he would have avoided folly in Ukraine, since he did send weapons to the comic’s regime. It’s rumored that he told Putin he would bomb Moscow if he invaded Ukraine. Sounds like a nice “tough guy” rumor Trump’s acolytes would plant for the MAGA Borg to chew up and disseminate across attention networks as if it’s some cold war “peace through strength” Reaganesque tall tale. If it is true it makes him extremely stupid and dangerous since Ukraine is not of strategic vital interest to the U.S. but much more so for Russia.

A neutral Ukraine and friendly ties between the U.S. and Russia should be the ultimate goal of western foreign policy in preparation for the rising dragon, but they want to drive Russia toward the dragon. Every action taken the past decade has driven the bear to dance with the dragon and it will cost the west dearly when the real conflict starts.

The tit for tat is already ratcheting up nuclear tensions to cold war levels. All for an oligarch puppet regime in Ukraine. The Borg don’t even realize while they were busy adjusting their pronouns and fighting for the rights of men to ruin women’s sports, Russia was busy developing hypersonic weapons that could take out U.S. aircraft carriers and military bases with no chance of response. So here we are, back to 1982 because the west is run by suicidal hyenas.

The Unassimilated View
The media are lying everywhere. The war is being managed by western intelligence agencies and their lackeys in the press who push out hero stories to manipulate and inspire. Most are false, complete tall tales of Ukrainian resistance to the Russian menace. The big narrative can never be questioned: Ukraine is fighting for its future against an evil despotic regime, and we all need to offer our support to the side of “good” versus “evil”. What makes Ukraine “good” and Russia “evil”? Russia is the aggressor. That’s it. By that standard the U.S. is the most evil country in the world, having instigated 91% of all global wars the past 60 years, not to mention coups, assassinations and fixed elections. But let’s play along anyway.

Imagine this scenario of aggression. Russia has established something called SATA. (Surround America Together Alliance) with the Bahamas, Cuba, Canada and all of Central America. Article 5 of SATA says if one goes to war, they all go to war. Putin is trying to get Mexico to join. He orchestrated a coup there in 2014 and installed a puppet dictator who helps enrich Putin through Putin’s crack head son. He keeps assuring Mexico they will join SATA one day, even though the other countries would not approve the vote and they don’t meet some minimum requirements. Other politicians in the duma send their kids to be on boards of Mexican companies to collect paychecks of $50,000 per month. Russia keeps sending weapons to Mexico who has a neo-Nazi force of nationalists near the border who take shots at English speaking American separatists who would prefer to be part of the United States. Cease fires are broken 2000 times over 8 years, leaving 14,000 dead in the conflict. The U.S. has taken a patient stance, trying to reason with the Mexican coke-head dictator but he keeps accepting SATA weapons and money. Last week the Mexican dictator said he doesn’t just want SATA membership, he wants Russian nukes in his country aimed at the United States. That was the final straw. Tuesday the U.S. launched air strikes across Mexico and declared those English speaking American states as independent republics.

There are no “good guys” in any scenario but there are liars, propagandists and hypocrites across the west who are desperate to manipulate the masses to feel that Putin and Russia are the enemy. In the above scenario they would be, however the inverse is the reality. The United States and Ukraine are responsible for the events unfolding right now and still refuse to take actions that would stop them.

Engineering A New Cold War
Are global managers engineering this conflict to pave the way for a larger war? In a strange way all the centers of global power will win including the WEF. Putin wins by regaining control of Ukraine if successful and showing the world that Russia is no longer going to be a door mat for western arrogance and hypocrisy. The U.S. wins by funneling more weapons and soldiers eastward toward Russia’s border. Defense contractors win again. The pandemic war criminals get the world to look in another direction as news of their crimes start leaking out. NATO gets to finally act tough and pretend it has real muscle. Sanctions ensure that Russia is pushed faster to the arms of the Dragon, while creating an energy crisis with rising natural gas and petrol costs across the west. Other than SWIFT and central bank sanctions for Russia, most of the sanctions hurt European and American consumers, producers, businesses and transporters, driving up the price of everything. The WEF wins as fiat currencies are destroyed, supply chains collapse to nothing, China withholds important resources the west needs for medicine, computers, automobiles, almost everything. One has to wonder if China is actually running U.S. foreign policy. How many politicians and spooks have been compromised by Chinese money and influence to intentionally drive Russia toward China? Kicking Russia out of SWIFT is great for China’s new digital currency. It will undermine the US dollar’s status as global reserve currency, further weakening U.S. influence in the world. When the dollar falls, all that U.S. debt will blow up the country economically, leaving it worse off than the great depression.

China would stand alone as the global superpower after any conflict that didn’t turn the planet into a floating orb of glass. Their model of total surveillance and submission to the state, which is being planned for western nations with ID2020, the SafePass, The Green Pass and other forms of digital slavery under the guise of medical safety will turn the world’s population into one organism to be centrally controlled and managed. It will be difficult for people to own anything when there is nothing left to buy, and their currencies couldn’t afford it as scarcity has driven up the price of everything. The WEF can then offer up their prepared solutions for the final stage of the great reset they’ve been engineering, the convergence of biological entities with biotechnology and mass surveillance. Our post-humanist dystopia.

Until then the world gets to pretend there are demarcation lines for a global war, and the media gets to create the narratives, pushing propaganda to convince the masses this is a civilizational battle between all the usual emotional buzzwords that are completely meaningless in reality: liberalism, democracy, freedom etc. and real evil. They can then mobilize the brainwashed masses against those who are not falling for this engineered crisis anymore than they fell for the bioweapons charades.

After the past two years this is all a tough sell coming from western lockstep nations that forced healthy people to be prisoners in their own homes, while abusing children, creating social strife, engineering fear and anxiety to control their citizens, forcing toxic injections, covering up their war crimes and thinking we’ll all just rally around their next engineered crisis like a bunch of idiots. Selling this will require populations across the west assimilate to the Borg, or have severe amnesia. Unfortunately millions are already falling for it, again.

Cannon Fodder Roll Call
The ultimate truth that should never escape this present conflict is that it was entirely preventable. The comic is either too drugged up to use common sense, or the global managers have a gun to his head to make sure the madness continues and the Ukrainian people suffer for it. He could end it all with one call and one meeting if he wanted, but the hyenas want war because all they know are stupidity and treachery.

It’s difficult to watch the endless media barrages of fabricated stories about people who have been emotionally manipulated to believe they are fighting for their nation and freedom and not an Oligarch class that doesn’t give a damn about them. The people of Ukraine should be furious with the comic, but they are instead ready and willing to be cannon fodder for him. The Ukrainian Borg across the west cheer these people on to their certain death should they ever meet the Russian A-team who have yet to show up in Kiev. Putin knows dead civilians won’t play well for him, and needs to limit their casualties to avoid the perpetual labels of “evil” and he probably had no plans to occupy the country. That would be a massive folly only arrogant and short sighted empires undertake in far off lands with millennia history of warring tribes. He simply wants a neutral neighbor who doesn’t poke the bear, recognition of independent Russian republics in the east, and to be treated with the respect his nation’s power deserves. If he has to flex that power to get it, he appears intent on continuing to do that.

The invasion is proving to be more difficult than first planned and Russia could very well get bogged down in Ukraine for weeks or months. If forced into a corner with nothing to lose, Putin may commit more and more forces and resources to the occupation which would thrill western hyenas. This would make Russia more dependent on China for loans and resources, maybe even weapons. The country could get balkanized with pockets and cities of Russian occupiers and endless shelling and urban firefights. The people of Ukraine would suffer most.

The comic doesn’t care about his people or he’d pick up the phone and ask for a ceasefire. He’d rather they sacrifice their lives for his arrogance and delusions, and especially for western cameras, calling on them to take up arms and go to the streets to spill their blood for the oligarch cause. Ukraine will never join NATO or the EU. Even if Putin and Russia one day retreat, there will still be corrupt oligarchs in power stealing the international aid, whatever isn’t first funneled to America’s political class. Ukrainians will still have no democracy. The nation will still be poor. Their blood will be spilled for nothing. This is now called “patriotism” by western narrative managers. Ukrainians spilling blood for western hyenas is patriotic.

All those in the west claiming to stand with Ukraine will run the minute this conflict is over and their deficient attention is turned to the next thing the media wants them to look at. Will western leaders pledge to help rebuild this catastrophe of their making which was entirely avoidable? Will they funnel billions of dollars for infrastructure or jobs programs to help the Ukrainian people, the way they did with weapons that might end up in the hands of Russia? Will they care about the people of Ukraine when they are neutral and no longer under the complete influence of western hyenas? The answer to these questions will tell us everything about how much the west truly cares about Ukraine. Don’t expect the media to point a single camera toward the aftermath or ask any of the above questions of western leaders when the smoke clears.

The war fetish stories like these in the corporate media about manipulated civilians rushing to be cannon fodder for western insanity are heartbreaking, not inspiring or patriotic as the reporter claims. The media managers are eager to watch these civilian bodies pile up so they can use them not once, but twice as propaganda against Putin. Here they are eagerly reporting for their first roll call.

If only they knew.

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