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I haven’t written in my blog for a while.  Some days it seems like no one is listening to the hundreds of reports – all pointing to solutions to our problems worldwide.  That makes me feel sad, but not hopeless.  How can I say that when life on Earth seems to be slipping away from the people on the planet?  I mean, everywhere you look, there are bad or angry or hopelessly unjust things happening right before our eyes, and I wonder who those people are that don’t see this?  We were all placed in a state of amnesia from the day we were born, but now a lot of people have awakened enough to know that new methods of living on Earth need to happen if we are going to be successful in preventing total destruction this time.  According to ancient texts and tribal folklore, the people on Planet Earth have destroyed themselves FOUR (or maybe it’s five) times in the past.


So who are these “public” people that walk around like everything that happens is just fine: the media tells the truth, we need to join the hate and war, and who needs to lift a finger to make human life succeed this time?  What difference does it make?

Max Igan Ep 11

To those who are still asleep and those who would rather take a nap – I understand.

It’s more than the “writing on the wall” stuff, of things yet to come, that were so easy to dismiss.  The writing that was on the wall is happening now, for real.  Take a look around.  If you’ve never looked around before, and you do take a look, it will probably be a slap-in-the-forehead “I could have had a V8!” moment!  And then you will wonder how you could have ever missed it.  And then you too will ask… Don’t you now find it hard to imagine that anyone cannot see it now when it’s right in front of their nose?

V8 boy

THERE ARE SOLUTIONS but solutions don’t happen.  People have to make solutions happen.  Our armchair activism days are over.  It’s time to go for solutions instead of fatalism.  I know the people with eyes to see and ears to hear are already wondering what solutions they could use for their current situation.

V8 girl

The biggest solution is awareness of the world that has been pulled over your eyes.  Many people have already been on this path for several years.  Others are recently becoming aware.  After they get over their initial shock and being pissed off stage, they hopefully begin the “what do we do now?” stage and “How do we solve this problem?” stage.

The answer is NOT blowing up the bad guys.

That’s the politics that keeps this mess recycling.  With each recycling, new methods of controlling people are discovered and used on the population to see how it works.  That is what’s been happening. 

If you go to my website www.KeyholeJourney.com you can browse around the TOPICS and VIDEO sections to look for many solutions to many different situations that negatively affect humans worldwide.  The website is a work in progress and it will give you some ideas for topics to look into for yourself. 

Peace and Good Luck to us all,