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David Icke does a good job of explaining how our perception of the world is manipulated.  In his video he touches on the irony of how religious establishments separate themselves from one another because of terminology when they are actually all saying the same thing.  Case in Point: different names of the “Hidden Hand” referred to by David Icke.

Cultural Orgin-demon

This hidden hand is an unseen force that is used on us to ensure that we maintain a particular perception of the world.  We believe that perception is all there is and we firmly believe that perception is true.

But what if that perception is false?  What if that perception is concocted, manipulated, and designed for the purpose of controlling us from the inside out? How would you know?

Most people are afraid to look beyond their perception to consider something else might be possible.  That something else is going on right in front of their eyes that they cannot perceive, that they cannot detect through the blindfold of their engrained perception.

Fear sets in at the mere suggestion.  It comes in the form or ridicule or anger.  They think that just looking will hurt them.

The few that do take the challenge are frequently faced with being labeled.

She is not Normal!
He is crazy!
She must be stopped!
He must be on drugs!
She must be shunned!
He must be denied his right to speak!
She must be imprisoned!

WE must maintain the Normal at all cost even if it means we live in slavery.
WE prefer being blinded by false tales.
WE are more comfortable with the lie.
WE fear the truth therefore it must be a false truth.  A made up story.  A fiction.
WE must hate those that speak of other possibilities.
WE must mock them, go to war with them and kill their children.
THEY are dangerous!

Down with truth!
Hail the lie!
Pass the biscuits please…

When you think about it this way, our reaction, our behavior, makes no rational sense.

Does it make sense to fear the unknown or that which we don’t understand?  We fervently worry about the unknown and most of time that version of the unknown doesn’t come to pass anyway.  What a complete waste of our precious energy and life that is, right?  But we will do the same thing again and again. Why?

Because we are programmed to be that way.  We got that programming from the things we saw.  The things we heard.  The things people told us.

Really?  When did that happen?

When we were born.

Each culture has its own belief system.  Each teaches their new born babies how to look at the world.  That is the programming.  We grow up with it not knowing anything different exists.  As we get older, we encounter people who do not have the same belief system.  We fear them!  That’s what we were taught to feel:  FEAR of differences.  FEAR of the unknown.

But wait!  What is fear?

FEAR false evidence appearing real

You see?

It’s part of the programming.

optical illusion
Optical Illusions – or different ways of perceiving the same thing.

The fact is – yes different cultures have different belief systems on the surface. They are taken at face value.  But what happens when you look deeply into each culture’s belief system?  What are they saying that is different from another culture?  No difference. Same song, same play, same deities, same meanings, all said using DIFFERENT NAMES in DIFFERENT LANGUAGES.


You want to know what the hidden hand fears?

It fears that one day we might decide to investigate to see if our perceptions ARE being manipulated.  When that day comes, starting right now, we will see that there is no power in destroying each other and our planet.  AND we will see that there is fantastic power in coming together, with all our different cultures in tact, to end wars, to enjoy peaceful co-existence, to heal past wounds that were caused by a manipulated perception, to rebuild our planet and to love one another for a change.

What is the alternative?

Living in fear, poverty, and sickness.  Enduring more war, crime, and corruption. Savoring distrust, hatred, greed and jealousy.  Destroying humanity and the planet.  All under false pretenses.

And which do you think is best?  Which makes us win?  Which makes us lose?

Whose choice is it now?

David Icke – The Manipulation Of Perception (15 minutes)
Published February 07, 2018

David Icke The manipulation of perception


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