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Does Mental Illness Exist?

History of Mental Illness

There has never been any proof that mental illness exists, yet the argument about what mental illness is continued with heated debate.

Medical scholars hypothesize mental illness is a result of natural causes. There is little incentive to look elsewhere as many of these scholarly individuals make an absolute fortune off the backs of the unwitting sufferers from the dangerous anti-psychotic drugs they prescribe.  Spiritualists claim mental illness is caused by evil spirits. Claims like this, even the suggestion that science looks into this, causes a rift in the world of scholars which eagerly shower those claimants with the wrath of the establishment.

Science v Spirituality

Even though there is nothing either of these groups can measure that proves the existence of a mental illness condition, mental illness is diagnosed by these same scholars when an individual thinks or acts outside the societal “norm” of the day. According to Mental Health America (MHA), in 2018, over 43 million Americans were diagnosed with mental health conditions.

This is such a tragedy. Aside from physical organic damage to the brain, mental illness does not exist. Mental illness cannot be detected by any brain scan or blood test. It is only diagnosed based on behavior. Therefore, seeing or hearing things which others cannot see or hear, makes the person crazy in the eyes of the blind.

When the ‘learned’ scholars finally come out of their self-imposed fog, perhaps they will recognize they have been duped by the current meme program. When that happens these individuals will be “outside the norm” too, whereby seeing or hearing things that live in different frequencies or other dimensions will be a point of interest – not a diagnosis of mental illness.

The Theory of Mental Illness Goes Back and Forth
From the cuneiform texts of Assyrian tablets dating from about 2500 B.C. to the early writings of the Chinese, Egyptians, Hebrews, and Greeks from 460-377 B.C., mental disorders were attributed to demon possessions. In biblical texts, there are several stories about Jesus casting out an evil spirit from people. Later scholars such as Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Aristotle and Plato considered that mental illness was caused by natural, not supernatural, means though these natural means were unknown to them.

Around 200 A.D., the belief in demonology returned as the source of mental illness.

Between the years of 1490-1599, demonology was rejected again. However, the belief in demonology remained widespread even though reason and scientific method were gradually leading to the development of modern clinical approaches to mental illness.


In 1768, the Protestant John Wesley (1703-1791) declared that “The giving up of witchcraft is in effect giving up of the Bible.”




Swedish scientist, Emmanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was the master scientist of his time. Late in life he studied psychology and all that was known of the mind. In addition he studied his dreams and developed a scheme of dream analysis that stands equal to any used in psychology today. He delved into the inner reaches of his own mind. He found and described the spirit world which made his contemporaries uncomfortable. His explorations led him far beyond the religious teaching of that day as well as today, and he was prosecuted as a heretic.

Showing no signs of mental disturbance or illness and maintaining perfect contact with the world of consensus reality, Swedenborg discovered many spirit beings during his inner explorations, some of higher orders of intelligence, some of a much lower and more vulgar persuasion. He openly discussed how spirits attach themselves to people. He seemed able to enter the world of spirits, investigate, and return totally safe and unharmed. In modern thinking, exclusive of Western thinking, he had the abilities of a shaman.

Within this century, many people have intelligently investigated the phenomenon of spirit possession with remarkable findings. These investigators include but are not limited to well-respected individuals such as:

Wilson Van Dusen, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (1923-2005) wrote a book about the voices schizophrenics hear. He determined that these voices belonged to conscious living beings that he could not see. They were not coming from the patients’ own thoughts. He wrote “The Presence of Spirits in Madness – A Confirmation of Swedenborg in Recent Empirical Findings”


University professor and clinical psychologist; Professor Hans Naegeli-Osjord (1909-1997). Prof. Hans Naegeli-Osjord, Former Chairman of the Swiss Psychiatric Society, thought leader and pioneer who successfully used spiritual healing methods in his psychiatric practice. Obsessive states were his treatment focus.

He wrote “Possession and Exorcism – Understanding the Human Psyche in Turmoil”



James Hyslop Ph.D, LL.D (1824-1920) was one of the first researchers to refer to spirit obsession in a therapeutic context.

James Hervey Hyslop, was a professor of ethics and logic at Columbia University, a psychologist, and a psychical researcher. From 1906 until his death he was the secretary-treasurer of the American Society for Psychical Research. He was one of the first American psychologists to connect psychology with psychic phenomena.

From 1891–1895 he worked as an instructor in ethics and from 1895–1902 as the professor of logic and ethics in Columbia University. Hyslop’s first book on psychical research, “Science and a Future Life”, was published in 1905, and many more followed, including “Enigmas of Psychic Research” (1906), “Borderland of Psychical Research” (1906), “Psychical Research and the Resurrection” (1908), “Psychical Research and Survival” (1913), “Life After Death” (1918), and “Contact with the Other World” (1919). He wrote for the Journal and Proceedings of the ASPR and the SPR and for such publications as “Mind, The Philosophical Review, and The Nation”. He became convinced in the existence of afterlife.

Hyslop wrote: “I take the patient to a psychic under conditions that exclude from the psychic all normal knowledge of the situation and see what happens. If the same phenomena that occur in the patient are repeated through the medium; if I am able to establish the identity of the personalities affecting the patient; or if I can obtain indubitably supernormal information connecting the patient with the statements made through the psychic, I have reason to regard the mental phenomena observed in the patient as of external origin. In a number of cases, persons whose condition would ordinarily be described as due to hysteria, dual, or multiple personality, dementia praecox, paranoia, or some other form of mental disturbance, showed unmistakable indications of invasion by foreign and discarnate agencies.”

After Hyslop admitted the credibility of the existence of spirits, it required ten years of investigation to convince himself of the possibility of possession by incorporeal beings as a cause of mental illness. In the years that followed, he accumulated the facts that make it scientifically probable.

Hyslop wrote in “Life After Death”: “I regard the existence of discarnate spirits as scientifically proved and I no longer refer to the skeptic as having any right to speak on the subject. Any man who does not accept the existence of discarnate spirits and the proof of it is either ignorant or a moral coward. I give him short shrift, and do not propose any longer to argue with him on the supposition that he knows anything about the subject.”

Dr. John Mack Psychiatrist (1929-2004), graduate of Harvard Medical School professor and Pulitzer Prize winner, was a well known psychiatrist who understood other dimensions and how contact with the beings in those dimensions affected his patients. Dr. Mack founded the psychiatric department of Cambridge Hospital in Massachusetts, where he was a resident. He was certified as a practitioner of both child and adult psychoanalysis. His early research interests in psychology included dreams, nightmares, and teenage suicide.

In 1990, Dr. Mack began his research on people who claimed that they had encountered extraterrestrials. He held that such encounters were real, though probably more spiritual than physical in character. His work drew widespread attention in 1994 with the publication of a best-selling book, “Abduction”. That year, Harvard Medical School appointed a special faculty committee to review Dr. Mack’s clinical care and clinical investigation of his subjects. After a 15-month process, the committee declined to take any action against him. Harvard issued a statement stating that the Dean had “reaffirmed Dr. Mack’s academic freedom to study what he wishes and to state his opinions without impediment,” concluding “Dr. Mack remains a member in good standing of the Harvard Faculty of Medicine.”

Dr. Mack eventually interviewed some 200 individuals who believed they had encounters with extraterrestrials. Although he was subjected to widespread ridicule because of his work, Dr. Mack saw it as a unique opportunity to study spiritual or transformational experience, a theme that ran through much of his earlier work. Many of the individuals he interviewed stated that recurrent alien encounter experiences had affected the way they regarded the world, including a heightened sense of spirituality and environmental concern. Mack’s interest in the spiritual or transformational aspects of people’s alien encounters, and his suggestion that the experience of alien contact itself may be more spiritual than physical in nature — yet nonetheless real — set him apart from many of his contemporaries such as:

Budd Hopkins (1931-2011), who advocated the physical reality of aliens.

“No one has been able to come up with a counter-formulation that explains what’s going on,” Dr. Mack said in a 1992 Globe interview, in which he discussed his view of alien encounters. “But if people can’t be convinced that this is real, that’s okay. All I want is for people to be convinced that there’s something going on here that is not explainable.” In a 1994 Globe interview, Dr. Mack said: “I have this innocent confidence that if you do your work in a comprehensive and objective way, it stands on its own.”

He published another book on the subject, Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, in 1999, as much the culmination of his work with the experiencers of alien encounters (to whom the book is dedicated) as it was a philosophical treatise connecting the themes of spirituality and modern worldviews.



Dr. Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D., Psychologist and Professor at American University, 2006 Thomas Szasz Award winner describes psychiatry as a pseudo Science.

Listen to what he says in this public speech at the award ceremony: “The controversy regarding the myth of mental illness and psychiatry is not about science or medicine. It’s about power. When psychiatrists start agreeing with you, well then perhaps you aught to reconsider your position. Something may be wrong. So I’d like to say a few disobedient things which are especially true because I was trained as a psychologist and when a member of the profession criticizes its own it’s considered especially sacrilegious. What do we know that is true that the cult of psychiatry keeps telling us is false? First the idea that there is a known brain lesion causing mental illness. The truth is we cannot tell who is mentally ill and who is not by looking at pictures of their brains or analyzing their blood. Psychiatrists had to invent their own book of diseases because pathologists would have nothing to do with them. It’s called the DSM, a great work of fiction. What’s the difference between the DSM and a scientific book of disease? Every disorder in the DSM is invented. Every disease listed in a pathology text book is discovered.”

Joe H. Slate, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in private practice living in Alabama, USA, and founder of the International Parapsychology Research Foundation. His extensive academic background led to his pioneering research on altered states and psychic processes.

He became one of the foremost experts in out-of-body travel in spite of the fact that he has no personal experience in the field. Studies in Slate’s laboratory to investigate ESP during the out-of-body state found significant improvements in telepathy, precognition, and clairvoyance when compared to previous ESP performance. Slate also offers suggestions on “astral outsourcing”, which is interacting with advanced astral entities in order to empower oneself in areas as diverse as accelerated learning and spiritual enlightenment. Also, in the 1970s Dr. Slate led research at Athens State University under the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command as project “Kirlian Photography” (Featured in the History Channel’s Vampire Secrets).

Turkish researcher, Prof. Dr. M. Kemal Irmak High Council of Science, Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Ankara, Turkey published an article on the Internet 27 December 2012 through the Journal of Religion and Health, a scientific journal and German-based publishing company, titled “Schizophrenia or Possession?” His article was attacked without mercy, demanding that the article be retracted.



The editor of the Journal is Dr. Curtis Hart, a lecturer in public health at Weill Cornell Medical College. “Real Clear Science” reached out to him for comment. “The article was published in hopes that it would provoke discussion,” he said. “The Journal does not agree that demons are a real entity.”
“There are currently no plans to retract the paper, but two rebuttals are already slated for a future issue”, Curtis added.
RCS gave Irmak a chance to defend his paper. “There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of demons,” he admitted. “This is like the argument of creation or evolution. It is a matter of belief and I think the existence of demons cannot be proved by scientific methods.” For that matter demons cannot be disproved by scientific methods either. Irmak also insisted that readers of his paper watch the Academy Award-winning film “A Beautiful Mind”, which chronicles the life of genius mathematician John Nash, who suffers from schizophrenia.

Jerry Marzinsky, M.Ed, CPC, is a licensed psychotherapist with over 35 years on the front lines with schizophrenic patients in state hospitals, state prisons, hospital emergency rooms. He is speaking out against the big pharmaceutical companies that are pushing the idea of “chemical imbalance” as the cause of mental illness. Jerry points to a breakdown of The Chemical Imbalance Myth to make his case. Aside from this, Jerry has experienced his patients’ voices first hand and he talks about this in video interviews around the world. Jerry says he is certain that the voices schizophrenics hear are not hallucinations. They are real, conscious entities, that we cannot see, but we can sometimes feel them.”

There are millions of people on Earth that have had unusual encounters that cannot be explained by the scientific method. Either all of these people are lying or the scientific method is not sophisticated enough to detect these beings. They are there, they do exist, and the evil ones are the cause of schizophrenia. They are also the cause of negative emotions that pop in from nowhere and affect countless numbers of normal every day people. They are energy vampires that feed off of negative energy. There are proven ways to successfully deal with these beings.

So, how can being attacked be labeled a mental illness? Is being raped an illness? Is being robbed an illness? Energy vampires (negative entities, evil spirits, demons, mind parasites, or whatever name you want to call them) rob people of their energy and their peace of mind. There is nothing in that which connotes a mental illness. Remove the mind parasites from schizophrenic patients and the schizophrenia disappears. Remove the negative entities from invading depressed people, and the depression disappears. Remove the influence of the evil spirits from the war mongers, the cheats, the criminals, and all of those symptoms disappear.

See the article “Mental Disorders Do Not Exist

Obviously drugs are not the answer, but being aware that these beings are real is a step in the right direction.

While mainstream scientists are busy ridiculing people who claim encounters of the strange kind, other scientists who are not afraid of the unknown and who are not worried about losing kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies, are beginning to consider looking into this phenomenon. Once this is proven using the scientific method, there will be no more mislabeling people and ruining their lives. Even better, the general population will gain control over their own minds for the first time since recorded history.

As more information comes in regarding scientific investigations of this kind, I will report it here.

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