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January 14, 2020

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What is our book about?

For tens of thousands of years, Schizophrenics have tried to tell physicians and the rest of us that the voices they hear are real.  Attempts by these individuals to communicate their direct experience of this phenomenon have resulted in being shunned, labeled insane, drugged senseless, or locked up.  Since inception, psychiatry and the medical establishment have miserably failed to find either a cause or cure for schizophrenia.  Regardless, they ignominiously turn a deaf ear to the reports of those with the most experience and knowledge of this destructive illness: the schizophrenic patient.

Instead of coming to grips with the failure of their institutions and treatment methods, physicians continue to ram one false cause after another for this devastating illness down our throats.  While feeding Schizophrenics unsubstantiated information about the cause of their illness, they also burden them with a dim prognosis and insist the voices are hallucinations.  This in no way matches the actual experience of these individuals.  They aren’t buying it, and neither are we.

Physicians can’t see past the programming they have unquestionably swallowed hook, line, and sinker in medical school.  Unable to see out of the box they had been programmed into and chained by their belief system, they can’t conceive of an illness that has no physical cause or cure.  As such, they continue to follow the established regimen of poisoning their schizophrenic patients with expensive neurotoxic drugs that cure absolutely nothing and merely temporarily suppress psychotic symptomology.  As they continue to pound a square peg into a round hole failing to effect a cure, they continue to view their patients as insane, lacking any credible knowledge of their condition and unworthy of being listened to.  As such, the medical establishment tragically dismisses the single most critically important and prevalent symptom of Paranoid Schizophrenia, the voices these individuals experience.  Unbeknownst to them, this critical group of symptoms holds the key to the cure of this devastating disorder, yet with absolutely no proof, they insist the voices are hallucinations caused by a chemical imbalance in the patient’s brain.  They continue to push this erroneous theory, fabricated by the pharmaceutical industry, in spite of the fact that it was conclusively proven wrong years ago.  Although the establishment has not produced a single iota of research into the nature of these voices and knows little to nothing about them they continue to maintain they are hallucinations.  Patients who reject their unfounded decree and insist their voices are real are subjected to increasing doses of mind-numbing neuroleptic medication until they are silenced.

Decades ago, Dr. Wilson Van Dusen, a clinical psychologist and author of “The Presence of Spirits in Madness,” began holding long, coherent conversations with the voices of his schizophrenic patients.  He discovered their behavior precisely matched what Christian Mystic Emanuel Swedenborg described as evil spirits.  Following up with hundreds of investigative interviews with his own patients, ranging over more than thirty-five years, Jerry Marzinsky, a psychiatric evaluator, has verified Dr. Van Dusen’s astonishing conclusion: The voices are real.  They are conscious, parasitic entities that run fixed and predictable patterns.  During this research, it was found that if these malicious voices could be gotten rid of by any means, psychotic symptomology vanished.  The result was the complete remission of the paranoid schizophrenic patient.

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