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The New Agora Magazine in Canada is now publishing my articles.  My first article is titled “The Power of a Smile”, reprinted below.  It’s nice to get broader readership.  Please visit this magazine.  Lots of good stuff there.

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And before I forget, if you are looking for something to do with your mind while the world is in lockdown, the book I co-authored with Jerry Marzinsky is available here:

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By Sherry Swiney
March 28, 2020

014a Power of a Smile

Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, we see hundreds of articles of doom and gloom, of accusations of whodunnit, and of government vaccinations, none of which I will get into here.  The upshot is that many people are in total fear of the plandemic – oops! Pandemic.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Yesterday, I went to the post office.  A man was heading toward the door, using a cane.  He looked like he was having a tough time walking.  From behind him, I said, “Let me get the door for you.”  He turned around with a puzzled look.  I smiled.  Inside the post office, another woman saw this man and opened the door for him as he reached out to grab the handle.  He nearly stumbled when the door opened by the other woman’s hand.  She smiled and said, “Here I am trying to be helpful and almost made you fall!”  We all had a good laugh.

A well-known fact in psychology is how a smile can change your life.  A smile indicates a person is happy, whether for the moment or in general.  A happier person experiences better outcomes in life.  Generally, a smile reflects peace-of-mind, which can extend your life.  Aside from that, smiling can be contagious.  Why?  Watch this 10-minute video for some answers.

014a HeartMath

Our emotions consist of frequencies.  When we are at peace, our energy field extends from our body by many feet.  Your frequency can affect the mood of another person.

Human Emotions Frequency Scale

014a human emotions

When we are in fear, our energy field begins to close around the body.  Our immune system weakens, and our organs stop taking nourishment needed for growth and repair.  We are in fight or flight mode, which is not the time for healing, rejuvenating, or contemplating.  From the body and mind point of view, all of that shuts down because it’s time to run, fight, or hide.

The Coronavirus event presents many unknowns, mostly hyped by the media.  It’s natural to fear the unknown.  We are raised that way, so it’s part of our belief system to feel anxiety toward the unknown.  The truth is, except for the clairvoyant, we each face the unknown every day of our lives.  We don’t know what the future holds.  We never will know for certain, although we can make educated guesses, which are often wrong.  Worrying about the future serves nothing of positive value unless you consider anguish, headache, doubt, and any number of negative frequencies of value.  What is a bit comical about worrying is that most of the time the thing we worried most about never happens.

So let’s look at this another way, one that is more beneficial.  If we fear the effects of the Coronavirus, then it makes sense that we’d want our bodies to be able to keep this thing from making us sick.  We don’t want our bodies to be shut down due to being in fight or flight mode.  We want our immune system to be healthy.  The way to do that is with a nutritious diet, of course, but more importantly, it is with a positive frequency emitting from us.  You don’t get that by feeling fearful.

The power of a smile is often underestimated.  The man with the cane was affected by my smile and that of the woman on the other side of the post office door.  He was still smiling as he left the post office.  It is amazing what a smile can do to lift one’s spirits, especially now.

Much Love to all

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