Guess I’m Crazy That Way
By Sherry Swiney 4-13-20


All things considered, there is enough evidence to show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the so-called pandemic is a ploy to scare people into submission.  It is not a pandemic.  It is a tactic, and so far it has worked.  But this tactic is against the law here in the United States of America and all the players have committed crimes against the People of this Land.  This is not a COG situation.  They planned this coup in secrecy, and we have an obligation to call them out for it.

President Kennedy on Secrecy

We’re in trouble

I think the following poem applies to everyone on some level.
So, find the warrior within yourself and stand up for your freedom.

Guess I’m Crazy That Way

I’ve been broken more than once
Facing utter defeat, I any way stood up
I didn’t win.  I just stood and for the moment
That was enough

Guess I’m crazy that way

Not winning, losing everything, shut me down inside
As I stood facing my accusers’ chastise and tease
There was really no place to hide
Oh shame on me for wanting to live in peace

Guess I’m crazy that way

No need to lock me up in some caged cell
I have already taken care of that within
There is no more me to project to the world
I stand empty before you all

Drink hardy my negative energy until drunk
Take my power, my spunk
Fear not the one who stands before you empty
Taste the bloat with the satisfaction of gluttony

As I watch my enemies devoid of thought
My blank slate mask opposing my feet of clay
I uncovered the hidden spark in me that day
And sent my enemies love while I stood up
It was plenty enough

Guess I’m crazy that way

Psychotic billionaires rule their minions for a dime
To enforce their ignorance, syringe in hand this time
To protect my already healthy body, they say
They know nothing of intelligent design

Freedom sounds its alarm around the world
Darkness is on the march to shackle with RFID
Slavery for imagined safety and security
Potential defeat at hand I shall anyway stand up
It shall be plenty enough

Guess I’m crazy that way

Much love to all,

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