I used to think the key to life
Was unconditional love
That once achieved there was nothing more
Because with unconditional love we are never alone

With this, there is understanding
That we are part of the blade of grass
As much as we are part of our flesh and bone

Unconditional love recognizes
That we are one with everything
That we see the elements of emotion
But with that we also see a lack of joy

Unconditional love may be the key to life itself
But compassion is the key to joy
For it means understanding the power of
Unconditional kindness to all life, including one’s own
I view unconditional kindness
As a test of all times that offers an opportunity to make known the unknown

With this there is understanding
That kindness changes the matrix:
The conscious mind in which we live
The conscious mind we do not know exists
Not your mind or mine
But the mind of matrix

By Sherry Swiney
Copyright June 21, 2009 – all rights reserved