From what consciousness do you view the Earth?
I view it from the Stars and from that view,
We are not separate, but One.

I cannot see the crime or the goodness in separateness.
For even goodness is ego-driven when we are divided.
Not by birth did we inherit this but from the mind of Injustice,
That strives to conquer us.

Now we heed situational ethics and shifting standards.  
We embrace division and oppose our radiance.
Goodness becomes relative when we embrace the Lie.
We do not heed. We fool ourselves while we shape our deeds. 

And the watchman wonders: “Will the sleeping souls awake,  
To circumvent the tale and finally march as One,
Or will the Lie of separation prevail?  

Sherry Swiney
Copyright July 6, 2001 – All Rights Reserved