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Signs in the Sky
by Sherry Swiney
March 5, 2021

Watch the video “Signs in the Sky, Space Weather” before proceeding (5 minutes)

Anyone interested in the next end of the world?

Maybe we could set our petty differences and gossips aside and work toward something worthwhile like I don’t know… securing the power grid.

More than one person would reply, “Good idea Sherry, but not bloody likely. There are very few people left in the world that have any sense of real life anymore.  I have lost my faith in mankind.”

I know what you mean.  Even with all the people who are awake, who want to help humankind survive the next catastrophe, I wonder if their forces are enough.  If they are, what are the odds the first priority will be to secure the grid, and even if they did think that way, what are the odds the grid would be secured in time?

I’ve been asking questions about securing the grid since NASA’s first warning announcement back in the late 90s or so.  I was told by a prominent figure in a power plant where I worked that “they said they are looking into this.”  I walked away knowing that there would be no real effort made.  If only it were true.  But rumors were just beginning about shutting down coal-fired plants due to global warming, which we’ve since learned is an utterly false tale (just like covid, but I digress).  Budgets were tight.  Hope porn existed for a while but then it petered out and the public was given something else to think about.

When I look at this, I see the rumors and hope porn as a planned step to disarm the world by making it instantly go “sustainable” without previous preparation or consideration of things that can go wrong by blindly jumping in the pond without checking for rocks or other pitfalls.  The planners knew such recklessness would make the planet vulnerable to the next catastrophic solar cycle.  Little did the public know that consequences of rushing to go green, was part of the game.  They call this segment Agenda 21 which has numerous tentacles.  Even if Agenda 21 had merit and honest people behind it, would the solar cycle change?  Would we still need to secure our electrical power, of whatever source, from a Great Cycle CME?  People were not severely damaged during the Carrington Event because the worldwide grid did not exist yet.  The Carrington Event was a small CME compared to the one that’s ahead of us and still, the local grids were destroyed.

People in very small numbers have survived catastrophes through the ages.  We’ve all heard of Atlantis and the Flood.  This little 4-minute video shows a visual of the sun cycles.

The long cycles (or Great Cycles) are commonly known among those who watch the sky, professionals and amateurs alike.  They all agree.  The great cycles are real and cataclysms happen every 25 thousand years or so.  You can look up the exact years (25,772 to 25,800 depending on where you look).

We are at that 25 thousand years crossroads today.  Astronomy and cosmology see this and so do others.  The warning flags are being tossed by those who want to help.  Certain others see this and strive to prevent productive help.  The planners, an alien race that has invaded us, want us to be caught off-guard and unprepared.  Let’s see if more gatherings of people will get things changed locally.


Solar Panels https://youtu.be/ZbHK6Uqmzog

House https://prepperpress.com/protect-your-house-from-emp-attack/

Vehicles https://youtu.be/tbjSY4CkkgU

Batteries https://thepracticalpitstop.com/introduction-to-the-cme-the-emp-and-how-to-protect-against-them/

Few of the articles above speak to protecting from a Carrington Event (or better) CME.  However, the above information is a start for you and it’s always a good idea to think ahead and prepare ahead of time for the little to larger things that can go wrong.  You know you can’t count on government services and agencies to be there for you.

The best advice I can give to people is to go to Suspicious 0bservers, get caught up from the Earth Catastrophe Cycle Playlist, and decide what you want to do for yourself, family and maybe even your community.

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