I enjoy exploring the mind. I have an insatiable curiosity to know how things work – to discover the hidden truths. We are such powerful beings. Pity most of us on Earth don’t remember that – yet.

I like to do what is possible to make the world a better place. I think everyone should be doing that in a positive way.

I believe “aging” is a myth. We can be here a long time and call that getting older but the process of age-ING is a myth handed down in the program we think of as reality.

What if we knew that we are designed to live healthy, vibrant, happy lives for 150 years or more? Would that change the program? Maybe. Would we live our lives differently? Say, with more compassion for other living beings? Most likely.

I no longer believe in being “other-directed” because what other people think about me is none of my business.

I love Nature and all her workings. I communicate with trees and the gnomes in my gardens. Nature doesn’t make mistakes. People make mistakes – lots of them.

On the 3D side I enjoy cooking, arts and crafts, music and movies, books, teamwork, and building things. I enjoy writing. When my first novel currently in progress is completed, I’ll let everyone know.

On the scientific side I enjoy engineering, science, architecture, quantum physics, UFOs, unexplained mysteries, alternative medicines, natural healing, and free-energy technology.

On the political side I am a truth-seeker. I research conspiracies, forbidden history and archaeology.

On the spiritual side, I delve in meditation, energy healing, tai chi, planes of consciousness, out of body travels, and psychic phenomena.

I’m building a new website and it’s still in progress. If you’d like to have a look, go to http://www.keyholejourney.com and browse around to see what’s there so far. You might want to bookmark it to check out updates.

Sherry Swiney

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