So, I’m outside all bundled up sitting on the porch having my morning coffee. It’s 7 o’clock and the sun is just rising. Watching the sun come up always gives me a feeling of peace. All the trees are bare at this time of year. Temperatures have dropped to 28 degrees Fahrenheit and frost is on the ground.

Today I’m wearing a white polyester “polar bear” bathrobe that my son and his wife gave me many years ago, black and blue-green wool scarf that I got when I was on the Marquette mining project in Michigan, black winter gloves, brown fur lined boot slippers, and the black hat I crocheted 20 years ago when I was on the Bonners Ferry water line project in Idaho. Obviously there’s no fashion show happening at this place so nicely tucked away in the wooded countryside where I am now.

The hot coffee feels warm going down and as I return the cup to the table, my kitty cat appreciates the warm glove returning to his back as he curls up on my lap, sticking his nose inside the sleeve of my bathrobe.

I’m thinking about how much the world has changed and how even deeper changes have occurred for which we have not been informed. I really do feel stories such as The Wizard of Oz and Alice In Wonderland pinpoint how blinded society has been made to be and how few of us on Earth see that. That’s the disturbing part of all of this.

condom saying

And maybe even more troubling is how much I care about the outcome if the masses don’t wake up soon.

Clock heaven

Wow!  I know what it’s like to be brainwashed.  I know how hard it was to break through that wall of deception that was fed to me since birth.

Baby on eye

I know how it feels to see all my beliefs shatter right before my eyes.  It’s a gut-wrenching shock, a heart break, analogous to finding out your lover is cheating on you and you’re the only one that didn’t know it.  I know how much courage it took to even look much less act on what I saw.  The thing is it’s time for everyone to look regardless of how much it hurts.

I take another sip of hot coffee.  Kitty is sleeping peacefully on my lap without a care in the world.  I watch lovely patterns of sunshine through the bare trees surrounding my area and realize that there doesn’t seem to be an answer to what the world is facing today.  I know that saying people need to look past the wall of deception for the sake of generations that will follow will be meaningless to those that don’t even see that a problem exists.

We are supposed to be all ONE, right?  All wanting the best for everyone, yes?  All caring about the health of planet Earth – all the animals, the forests, the lands and waters, true?  And yet look at the current state of the planet and its inhabitants, if you can.  And then look at how much of this is utterly ignored by the masses.  I wondered therefore…

Your soul and mine-1

What if all the people that don’t see the problem are actually of the world and the rest of us are only in the world and not of it?  I’m talking about the world as opposed to Nature who does just fine without the world but the world cannot exist without Nature.  The world that does not know what nurture is, as opposed to Nature that knows thriving REQUIRES and DEPENDS on nurture – the very thing about which those of the world know nothing at all.

Boiling frog-war

As I finished the last of my morning coffee, I wonder how many of us are on the fence.  I know how that feels.  On one side of the fence there’s government, peers and family to take care of you – until they don’t or can’t.  On the other side of the fence there’s government and peer pressure to keep you in the herd and so you will have to take responsibility for yourself, not caring what others think:  For most, that’s a step into the Unknown!  It certainly was for me.

So, for my new year’s wish in 2016, I hope for everyone who is just in the world and not of it, who hasn’t jumped the fence, to be up for the challenge.  Take the jump.  You are greatly needed.

Stepping unknown

Cheers and good wishes to all,






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I know we are not a scientific group but perhaps some of you know of scientific institutions where this may be sent – better yet, if any of you are in contact with scientists or science professors, would you share this video with them please? It’s important.  See the 11 minute video below: The Sun and Earthquakes.

Backup information below:

August 3, 2015

This page contains the result of more than 19 months of work. On this page you will find a manuscript prepared by Ben Davidson, Dr. Christopher Holloman, and Dr. Kongpop U-yen, detailing a study of the Solar Polar Magnetic Fields and their relationship to M8+ earthquakes. This manuscript and the accompanying resources are 100% open-source publications.

Open Letter to seismologists, geologists, geophysicists, planetary and space weather scientists

Manuscript: The Relationship Between M8+ Earthquake Occurrences and the Solar Polar Magnetic Fields

Appendix A: Description of the Mathematical Model. Pre-published in 2014 with Appendix B and C.

Appendix B: A Diagram of Polar Max, Min, and Recovery. Appendix C is now referenced material.

If you are willing to review this manuscript please send an email to To the 235,000 Observers, please find your local seismologist or astrophysicist or geologist, and send them an email asking them to review this paper. You can direct them to this page or download the documents and media from this site and send it to them directly.

Cite as: Davidson, B., Holloman, C., U-Yen, K. The Relationship Between M8+ Earthquake Occurrences and the Solar Polar Magnetic Fields. SpaceWeatherNews, August 2015.

Author/Organizational Involvement:

Benjamin R. Davidson is the project leader and lead author. Dr. Holloman performed the statistical analysis and Dr. U-Yen modeled the hypothesized mechanism of action. Holloman and U-Yen each are employed by prominent organizations, but they worked on this manuscript independent of their affiliation with those organizations. Neither affiliated organization sponsored or endorsed this study or manuscript.


Benjamin R. Davidson – (J.D. – Capital) Director of the Mobile Observatory Project, Founder of,, and Observing the Frontier (Scientific Conference).

Christopher Holloman – (Ph.D. Stats – Duke) Professor of Statistics at The Ohio State University and Director of The Ohio State University Statistical Consulting Service. Dr. Holloman’s has worked for JP Morgan Chase and as a research scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute. He was part of a team that developed groundbreaking software for efficient model-fitting in complex Bayesian modeling problems.

Kongpop U-Yen – (Ph.D. EE – Georgia Tech) Dr. U-Yen works in the Instrument Systems and Technology Division at NASA, and but spends a great deal of his free time pursuing independent activities like this one. His involvement on the frontier of physics includes plasma and longitude-wave interactions between the sun and planets, and how these interactions can trigger natural disasters. Dr. U-yen is credited with predicting a recent damaging earthquake in Thailand.

Again, please share this widely.  Maybe this will get to the right people that way.

Much obliged,


Looking at Today (13 May 2015) and Imagining Tomorrow


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I haven’t written in my blog for a while.  Some days it seems like no one is listening to the hundreds of reports – all pointing to solutions to our problems worldwide.  That makes me feel sad, but not hopeless.  How can I say that when life on Earth seems to be slipping away from the people on the planet?  I mean, everywhere you look, there are bad or angry or hopelessly unjust things happening right before our eyes, and I wonder who those people are that don’t see this?  We were all placed in a state of amnesia from the day we were born, but now a lot of people have awakened enough to know that new methods of living on Earth need to happen if we are going to be successful in preventing total destruction this time.  According to ancient texts and tribal folklore, the people on Planet Earth have destroyed themselves FOUR (or maybe it’s five) times in the past.


So who are these “public” people that walk around like everything that happens is just fine: the media tells the truth, we need to join the hate and war, and who needs to lift a finger to make human life succeed this time?  What difference does it make?

Max Igan Ep 11

To those who are still asleep and those who would rather take a nap – I understand.

It’s more than the “writing on the wall” stuff, of things yet to come, that were so easy to dismiss.  The writing that was on the wall is happening now, for real.  Take a look around.  If you’ve never looked around before, and you do take a look, it will probably be a slap-in-the-forehead “I could have had a V8!” moment!  And then you will wonder how you could have ever missed it.  And then you too will ask… Don’t you now find it hard to imagine that anyone cannot see it now when it’s right in front of their nose?

V8 boy

THERE ARE SOLUTIONS but solutions don’t happen.  People have to make solutions happen.  Our armchair activism days are over.  It’s time to go for solutions instead of fatalism.  I know the people with eyes to see and ears to hear are already wondering what solutions they could use for their current situation.

V8 girl

The biggest solution is awareness of the world that has been pulled over your eyes.  Many people have already been on this path for several years.  Others are recently becoming aware.  After they get over their initial shock and being pissed off stage, they hopefully begin the “what do we do now?” stage and “How do we solve this problem?” stage.

The answer is NOT blowing up the bad guys.

That’s the politics that keeps this mess recycling.  With each recycling, new methods of controlling people are discovered and used on the population to see how it works.  That is what’s been happening. 

If you go to my website you can browse around the TOPICS and VIDEO sections to look for many solutions to many different situations that negatively affect humans worldwide.  The website is a work in progress and it will give you some ideas for topics to look into for yourself. 

Peace and Good Luck to us all,

War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda


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This is the best speech I’ve heard in a long time.  It is by John Pilger on journalism and he shows us how important it is to not only demand what is true but to withdraw our consent from what is false.  I was glad to hear that John Pilger included H.RES 758 – that very dangerous piece of legislation that was passed by the House.  You know, the one that is gearing the US for another world war.  My saying this is not even close to warmongering or fear mongering.  If you read H.RES 758 you will see what the psychopaths in the House have done and you will see what you can do to shame those representatives into withdrawing their consent when they see that the vast majority of people have withdrawn their consent for these lies.

So enjoy this marvelous speech and please circulate it far and wide so that all Americans can hear it.  It’s time we stop being silent.

Wishing you all the best.

H. RES 758 – Ever Heard of It?


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Well, neither did I until yesterday when I learned that it was passed by the House of Representatives by a vote of 411 to 10 on December 4th, 2014.  So what is it?

According to the US Government website: “H.Res.758 – Strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.”  You can read the text yourself here.

Former congressmen Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich warns about the House’s reckless adoption of the HR 758.

If you read both articles by these two men, it quickly becomes obvious that HR 758 is propaganda and outright lies.  The telling truth behind this very bad and very dangerous legislature is actually Congress approving world war three.  Not only is this very dangerous for everyone, it is truly fraud upon the people.

So shall the people sit back while the next world war is being planned right under our noses – OR – shall we do whatever we can to prevent this from happening? We prevented it once (Syria); can we do it again?

Remember how the White House wanted war with Syria until the US citizens – and the world – found out the White House was lying to us about who did what to whom in Syria?  And so we stood up to prevent what we all knew would be another world war.  We can do this again – we must do this again!

The US is angry about the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) developing their own money system to get out from under the world banksters and the threatening sanctions placed upon them by the US and its allies.

These sanctions are based on the propaganda given to us in the mainstream media but if you look at the truth, it’s easy to see why the BRICS countries got together to form an economic alliance.  In effect, this alliance was forced upon these countries when it became obvious that the US was itching for war.  Good for the economy and all of that…never mind how many innocent people die over this kind of bully-play.

Remember that Iceland did something similar by throwing the banksters out and developing their own system – and bravo for Iceland!  But they are too small to cause the US to go to war with them, else they would have.  Definitely the US knows that declaring war on Russia will ensure the next world war and that’s just what they want, compliments of their ruler’s bidding….you can figure out who that is on your own.

Oh yeah, there is one more thing to think about in case you think placing sanctions on Russia is harmless or “teaching them some lesson” or according to the propaganda, “punishing them for being the bad guys”.  You know about Pearl Harbor, right?  How those “nasty Japanese people” bombed the US for no reason at all on December 7th, 1941 completely surprising everyone?  That’s what the school text books say.  Most Americans think World War II started because of Pearl Harbor being attacked and so the US had to fight back to protect itself.

But how many of you know what really happened?  Not according to me, but according to government records opened and declassified 40+ years after Pearl Harbor?  What this declassified information tells us is that President Roosevelt signed into law an embargo involving the British and the Dutch, which placed severe sanctions on Japan, in an effort to bring that country to the brink of economic collapse.  This, of course, was a violation of a 1911 treaty between the nations.  According to the documents, Japan visited Roosevelt in the US.  In that conversation, Japan warned Roosevelt that he was placing Japan in an impossible situation and that they would have no recourse but to attack if Roosevelt refused to let up on them.  So Roosevelt knew ahead of time that Japan planned to attack Pearl Harbor and allowed this to happen because, in his mind, this would rally US citizens who previously did not want to get involved in World War II, into wanting to fight back.  Roosevelt believed that war the only way to get the US back on its own economic feet.

For a preview of this information you can check out this video here:

Veritas Radio – Robert Stinnett – Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor which will air on December 11th, 2014.

Now in 2014 the US is doing the same thing to Russia that it did to Japan 73 years ago, and calling all of this “their fault”.  Do you think the BRICS countries will stand by idly while Russia’s economy fails due to these sanctions?

Only ten of our Congressional Representatives know the dangers of HR 758 and voted against it.  The rest voted for it, in effect approving world war three.

If the people in the US cannot stand up and protest this latest trickery against us, there will be lots of bloodshed around the world and the only people that will benefit are the banksters because they will, as they have done in the past, finance all sides of the war.

Voting “NO” on H. Res. 758.  Their contact information is listed below if you would like to send them a thank you note for trying to keep us from another world war.

1) Justin Amash (R-MI)
2) John Duncan (R-TN)
3) Alan Grayson, (D-FL)
4) Alcee Hastings (D-FL)
5) Walter Jones (R-NC)
6) Thomas Massie (R-KY)
7) Jim McDermott (D-WA)
8 George Miller (D-CA)
9) Beto O’Rourke (D-TX)
10 Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)

1) Justin Amash (R-MI)

Washington Office
114 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3831
Fax: (202) 225-5144

Battle Creek Office (no in-district mail)
70 W Michigan Ave, Suite 212
Battle Creek, MI 49017
Phone: (269) 205-3823

Grand Rapids Office (all in-district mail)
110 Michigan St NW, Suite 460
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: (616) 451-8383
Fax: (616) 454-5630

2) John Duncan (R-TN)

Washington, DC Office
2207 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5435
Fax: (202) 225-6440

Knoxville Office
800 Market Street, Suite 110
Knoxville, TN 37902
Phone: (865) 523-3772
Fax: (865) 544-0728

Maryville Office
331 Court Street
Maryville, TN 37804
Phone: (865) 984-5464
Fax: (865) 984-0521

3) Alan Grayson, (D-FL)

D.C. Office
430 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
phone: 202-225-9889
fax: 202-225-9742
hours: M-F 9-5:30pm

Kissimmee Office
101 North Church Street
Suite 550
Kissimmee, FL 34741
phone: 407-518-4983
fax: 407-846-2087
hours: M-F 9-5:30pm

Orlando Office
5842 S. Semoran Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32822
phone: 407-615-8889
fax: 407-615-8890
hours: M-F 9-5:30pm

4) Alcee Hastings (D-FL)

Washington, D.C.
2353 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Tel: (202) 225-1313
Fax: (202) 225-1171

Broward County Office
2701 W. Oakland Park Blvd Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
Tel: (954) 733-2800
Fax: (954) 735-9444

Town of Mangonia Park Municipal Center
1755 East Tiffany Drive
Mangonia Park, FL 33407
Tel: (561) 469-7048

5) Walter Jones (R-NC)

Washington, DC Office
2333 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-3415
Fax: 202-225-3286

Greenville N.C. Office
1105-C Corporate Drive
Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: 252-931-1003 Toll-free (in N.C. only) 800-351-1697
Fax: 252-931-1002

6) Thomas Massie (R-KY)

Washington, DC Office
314 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3465
Fax: (202) 225-0003

Ashland Office
1700 Greenup Ave. R-505
Ashland, KY 41101
Phone: (606) 324-9898

Northern Kentucky Office
541 Buttermilk Pike, Suite 208
Crescent Springs, Kentucky 41017
Phone: (859) 426-0080
Fax: (859) 426-0061

Oldham County Office
108 W Jefferson St
LaGrange, KY 40031
Phone: (502) 265-9119
Fax: (502) 265-9126

7) Jim McDermott (D-WA)

DC Office
1035 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3106
Fax: (202) 225-6197

Seattle Office
1809 7th Avenue, Suite 1212
Seattle, WA 98101-1399
Phone: (206) 553-7170
Fax: (206) 553-7175

8) George Miller (D-CA)

Washington, DC Office
2205 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2095

Concord Office
1333 Willow Pass Road, Ste. 203
Concord, CA 94520
Phone: (925) 602-1880
Fax: (925) 674-0983

Richmond Office
3220 Blume Drive, Ste. 160
Richmond, CA 94806
Phone: (510) 262-6500
Fax: (510) 222-1306

9) Beto O’Rourke (D-TX)

Washington, DC Office
1330 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm EST
phone: 202-225-4831

El Paso North Oregon District Office
303 N. Oregon St.
Suite 210
El Paso, TX 79901
hours: Mon-Thur 8:30am-5:30pm MST
Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm MST
phone: 915-541-1400

10) Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)

Washington, DC Office
2300 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST
Phone: (202) 225-2415

Huntington Beach Office
101 Main Street, Suite 380
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Phone: (714) 960-6483

Laguna Beach Satellite Office
Laguna Beach City Hall, 505 Forest Ave
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
By appointment, call (714) 960-6483
Phone: (714) 960-6483

South County Satellite Office
12 Journey
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
By appointment, call 714-960-6483
Phone: (714) 960-6483

And if you don’t see your representative on the list above, you might want to write to them asking them why they voted for such a dangerous plan?  To do that you can go to and look up your representative.

If you want to contact your senators about this go to

I wish us all well…

Ominous Parallels


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1-man in city

 Ominous Parallels

Though he crawled on his hands and knees in an African street,
begging for mercy and a chance to live,
his enemy still shot him three times in the head,
while neighbors in their hand-made clothes looked on.

Though she dashed under a car in an American lot,
screaming for someone to help her survive,
her enemy still shot her until she died,
while shoppers with their shopping carts looked on.

Though activists shout a canary’s wisdom in the mine
warning of great dangers, should truth disappear,
the hand of injustice still unfolds to silence what’s left of their kind,
while couch-potatoes with their beer and chips look on.

Sherry Swiney
Copyright November 07, 2014 All Rights Reserved

Remembered History


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Remembered History

Eons ago I was awake with all my faculties
Then I went to sleep, snoring for centuries
I slept long enough to know for sure
That I never existed before

Oh slumber you paved a path
And being weary of your wrath
I became a chameleon
Charmed by your opinion

And there was no thought
There was no inkling
I walked in your abstract
Without ever thinking

Oh hypnotic catastrophe you drove me to wail
When you punctured my sleeping veil
I moaned within, knowing something was wrong
If this wasn’t me, who have I been for so long?

Who would I be if I didn’t take note
That for eons your song had been my yolk?
Terrified, I howled out loud
Will you lock me away for what I say?

Then it was time to wake up from the dream
It was time to remember my song
Life is not what it seems
Your implanted history is wrong

Though you tried so hard to hold on to me
I remember how I used to be
Oh slumber declare your fake jeopardies
While I recall ancient remedies

I remember the path skewed from me
In fact, I could have been a river so easily
Or taken the form of a mountain or stream
But this time I chose a human being

In this hour, I recall my inner power
Yes, your myth worked for a time
And you reveled in my tragedy
Never dreaming this would awaken me

Oh backfired slumber you’ve lost your grip
On this one soul; on this one trip
Awake, I recall the contract
To return at this time, all faculties in tact

The dream has ended; the harmony returns
The light within is no longer dimmed
The purpose for returning now is clear
Exposed is the chronicle you hold so dear

Sherry Swiney
Copyright November 07, 2014 All Rights Reserved

How Are Things Going for You in Today’s World?


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When you look at how things are being done today, it is obvious that what we have been doing to correct the problems we see on earth is not working at all. People are still mistreating each other. Injustice, fear, corruption and greed are still perceived almost everywhere you look; people on earth are still dying and suffering from needless disease and hunger. People are losing their livelihoods and wondering what they are going to do next. Life can be distressing especially for those who believe what the media is telling them. Some of it is true. Much of it is disinformation, and almost all of it is for the purpose of keeping people on edge.

Why is that? Why would media, corporations and government want to keep people on edge? I’ll get into that in another post.

When you look at society on earth today, what do Society’s Controllers have going as a method of solving these problems? What do you see?

You see: Pollution of Our Resources ≠ Economic Instability ≠ Corruption in Government ≠ Poisoned foods ≠ Planned Diseases ≠ Arbitrary Imprisonment ≠ Censorship ≠ Unfair Courts ≠ Media Lies, Cover Ups and Propaganda ≠ Hunger and Starvation ≠ Broken Families ≠ Senseless Wars and Killings ≠ The list goes on and on.

You do not see: Cooperation and working toward a planetary system that is beneficial to all inhabitants of earth. Politicians cannot affect this because they don’t know how. They are politicians, not problem solvers. They care about being re-elected, not about the well-being of the People and Planet. And that’s where you come in.

Can You Change It?

Indeed you can change it. How do you object to the way things are in a way that will create sensible changes? In very simple terms, you quietly stop playing their greed and fear game – their divide and conquer game. You do that by having a change of heart; a change of mind; a change in how you look at things happening in this world. When you stop playing their game with them, it’s game over.

You need to understand that your mind is far more powerful than government has allowed you to understand. When they found out the truth about the power of our minds back in the 1940’s they had to suppress this from the general public! But in fact ~~

You are NOT a powerless being.

You no longer have to be a victim.

When the great philosophers and sages said BE the change you wish to see, they meant it literally. So, if you want to change the world you need to change your Mind. I’ll get into this more in another post. Meanwhile, know that for generations from the moment we were born, we got programmed. The programming is deeply ingrained and not easy to find unless you desire to find it and deprogram yourself. This isn’t something anyone else can do for you.

Here is an old video that addresses this topic. It’s called Free Your Mind. I hope you enjoy it.

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Until then….